“The Gratitude Triad” 11.17.20

Thanks to SuzAnne Jorgensen and the Mentors in Training facebook group for hosting this month’s Master Class on Gratitude!

Thanks for joining me today.  I know everyone feels it’s good to have gratitude, but have you ever considered how it affects your business, and especially in how you connect with people?

I know as a mentor, specifically, you need to be able to connect with people on an emotional level to inspire them to move forward and take action.

What to expect:

You have learned sales techniques that may or may not feel comfortable to you. That’s because many techniques coerce or manipulate people into taking action out of obligation or fear.  Chip Eisley shared an example of that last week in his training.  By the time we are done, you will be able to identify ways you might be coercing or manipulating people, rather than inspiring them to take action when it’s an obvious yes.  And you will know how to shift your intention to begin inviting in a way that inspires rather than coercing!

We just have a short time together today, so I’m just giving you the basics.  But it will be enough to give you a place to begin

I want to give you all I possibly can today, and if I don’t answer your questions, I am going to give you an opportunity to connect with me later.

My own personal experience about intuition

I have been in the mentoring space for over 30 years.  I have sold others’ products most of that time, just the past 3 years where I have stepped out to share my own message.

One of the hardest things for me was selling transformation.  It’s not a tangible product that has a specific value.  And mentors are all over the place, so how do you pick your price.  And if you pick a high price what will people think, or a low price will they think you are not very experienced?

Intuition has been my best friend these past couple of years and it has always served me in choosing my pricing and creating my programs.

Here we go!

I want to start by sharing something that I have noticed in traditional sales techniques among mentors.

Focus is on the challenge – the story that moves people to feel something inside like compassion, fear, pain, sympathy.  These are all emotions that move people to take action. (they want to serve, fix, help)

I had a heart attack 8 years ago, and it is the reason I really started seeking my life’s purpose.  It was a powerful motivator for me.  If I focus on the heart attack, people feel sympathy or compassion or they feel my pain.  Is that a reason for them to take action on my product?

Focusing on the pain within my story can help them identify pain in their story, and motivate action, but my story is totally different than theirs.  If I base getting a sale on helping them feel an emotion that was sparked by my story, I risk them having buyers remorse, an emotional decision that isn’t real for them.

In this scenario, there are only two parties involved – me (my story, or sharing someone else’s story who I have worked with), and the potential client.

What if we add a third party?

The Gratitude Triad

Instead of just me and others, let’s look at what happens when it’s God, Me and Others

This Triad applies to all I do.  It applies to the program I am creating to sell.  It applies to the people I invite to work with me.  It applies to the way I invite and the structure of my business.

I turn to Him for everything.  

Whether I consciously ask or not, every single service I offer and every single person I work with was orchestrated by Him in some way.  He provided all the resources for me to be where I am today.  Whether I give Him the credit or not, the truth is that all things are orchestrated by Him.

Even if I coerce a client into working with me, I know that client was brought to me specifically so that I could have a particular experience.

Since I know this, I decided a long time ago to work with Him instead of trying to work without Him.  That’s when the Gratitude Triad came into existence.

The way The Gratitude Triad works is that inspiration is present on every side.  

I am receiving inspiration from God on my programs, who I invite, where I speak, what my message is.  I share that inspired message with others and those people who hear my message turn to God for confirmation of the truth of what I am speaking.

They don’t look to me and my challenges as confirmation, because my challenges are different than theirs.  They look to the source of all inspiration – the source of MY inspiration.  If the inspired message I received resonates, they are my client.  And they will know they are my client, because they are feeling authentic spiritual confirmation.  Not a contrived emotion from a story I told.

And the whole process is filled with gratitude

  1. I am grateful to God for the inspiration I received and God is grateful to me for trusting the inspiration He gave me
  2. I am grateful to others for being my audience, because I have an inspired message to share
  3. Others are grateful to me for sharing an inspired message, and to God for confirming it.
  4. God is grateful to us both for helping Him to fulfill His mission of His children having the most fulfilling and happy lives possible

The Gratitude Triad is a foundational principle that will help me to:

  • Invite the Holy Ghost into EVERY part of the creative process (What is my life’s purpose?  What is the way I serve that helps me fulfill my life’s purpose?  Who needs what I have to offer?  What can I create that will help me serve according to Your purpose?) – basically aligning yourself with God’s will, so that you are certain of success!
  • Partner with God and listen for the Holy Spirit to guide you in new ways to find new clients and new ways of receiving abundance while bringing a sense of ease, joy and peace into your work. 
  • Move with confidence because you know your path.  There is no one else quite like you and God knows your strengths.  He hears the prayers of your clients, and He knows exactly how to orchestrate the two of you getting together.  So there is no reason to ever have to coerce, manipulate or use fear to force an emotion within someone. The right people will hear and answer you.  They will be moved by the Holy Spirit confirming the truth of what you are saying.

If you feel like any of the following statements apply to you, I would love to have a 30 minute conversation with you:

  1. you aren’t practiced at asking and receiving inspiration
  2. you don’t really know your purpose, or if you are sharing the right message.  
  3. you like the idea of following inspiration, but you are nervous about letting go of control and giving it over to God

Time to Take Action if your intuition is confirming that it would be helpful to talk with Wylene

If any of the above statements feels like you, I want to meet with you to help you get past those hurdles.  30 minutes with me.  Not a sales call.  Just to discuss your business the way you are doing it now, and what one thing you could change that would help you step more fully into The Gratitude Triad.

Go to this link: http://bit.ly/30minwithwylene

I do 15 minute calls with people who listen to The Daily Gratitude Call all the time who. and it’s super powerful. So I know 30 minutes will be plenty of time for us to identify and shift how you are doing business to work in tandem with God as He trusts you to serve His children.

God has promised us, when we look to Him and confess His hand in all things, He will be there for us.

Matthew 10:32 says: “Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”

Thanks for joining me today!

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