“The Four Seasons of Success” 12.17.20

Thank You!

Thank you for being here. I realize some of you are here because you are a loyal Master Class participant. Thank you and I think for you, this new year will be sort of a culmination of master classes.  You are going in to 2021 as a brand new person because of what you have learned over the past 6 months since I started doing the Master Classes in June of this year.

And for some of you, you are intrigued with the idea of setting your goals so that you can easily align with God’s timing and the natural order of times and seasons..

Relevancy of Our Topic

It’s December, and people typically begin thinking about how things are going to be different come January.  I wanted to give you this understanding of flowing with the natural order of things, instead of trying to force success, BEFORE January, so you can start without imperfect expectations.

What you can expect Today:

If ater our time together today, you felt a little more at ease with accomplishing your goals, knowing that if you follow the Seasonal Mindset Chart throughout the year, you will always be in God’s timing, would you feel like your time had been well spent?

Now, I know we only have 90 minutes today, so we won’t go too deeply into any one season, but I am hoping to give you an overview and really focus on the season we are in right now so you will have a starting plan.  Is that good?

We are going to jump right in and I’ll give you as much as I possibly can in the time we have together tonight, ok?

Are You a New Year’s Goal Setter?

I am one of those people who loves to check things off..  I love it when I can see that a goal has been accomplished, and I can take that goal off my vision board.  Anybody else?

I have also been a New Year’s Resolution goal setter.  And I’m actually pretty good at staying committed.  But I also have noticed that I burn out.  And my goals tended to stay on my vision board a little longer than I like.  That is until last year when I decided to live according to God’s timing and with the order of nature.

How God Prepares Us:

It started in March, when my Inspired Shortcut was to take over the family garden this year.  My husband typically did that, but this year, I told him, it was going to be all me.  

When I got that Inspired Shortcut, I was a little bewildered because the issue that was plaguing me at that time was not following through with my inspired shortcuts.

Here are the notes from my Daily GPS on  Monday, March 30, 2020

Till and take care of my ground, my plot of land, my creations.  Physical land, and my LWW and Gratitude groups of followers. When I don’t follow through with an Inspired shortcut or a habit I have created for my own benefit, I am in the energy of rebellion, which is Satan’s energy. So if I am obedient, does Satan have no power over me?  Because I am then in God’s energy?  I cannot serve two masters.  Obedient energy attracts love, rebellion attracts fear.  If I seek first the kingdom of heaven, all other things that exist there will be added unto me.

  • I am planting my own garden
  • I get to choose the plants for the harvest I desire.
  • I plant, watch over and nurture my garden
  • I have a green thumb, I just had never trusted myself or the plants before
  • I give the time and energy to aligning my actions with God’s cycle of abundance
  • I am giving back, returning to Him and He has promised to return unto me, pouring through the windows of heaven, re-charged abundance!
  • I return to Him and He is able to bless and multiply and replenish the earth with my offering.

So I bet you can see, as I did, in hindsight, that planting, nurturing and harvesting a garden was the absolute best responsibility God could have given me to learn about obedience and the cost of rebelling against God’s plan for me. Rebelling in this case was not following through with my Inspired Shortcuts.

The truth about obedience (which is the opposite of rebelling) is that you cannot go contrary to God’s plan and have a successful harvest!

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Three Key Pondering Points:

I’m going to share a few key pondering points about getting into the natural order of creation, along with a bit of understanding about the Seasonal Mindset Chart

Here are the three points I want to give to you today:

  1. Aligning your goal setting with the natural rhythm of nature
  2. Understanding your purpose in the Kingdom
  3. Trusting that your life is easiest, aligning your mindset and your actions with the times and seasons.

And we will touch on each descriptive word associated with each month, so you might want to grab your Seasonal Mindset Chart.  The words are to help you remember to celebrate each season in the natural order God intended.  

Seasonal Mindset Chart

1- Aligning your goal setting with the natural rhythm of nature

Seasonally, Nature is at rest in Winter.  I, as a gardner, don’t have much to do outside except compost my organic stuff.  Preparing the dirt for next year’s planting. Winter is the time I turn my attention to indoors – doing some cleaning or organizing that I didn’t have time for in the other months.

December, January and February are considered the Winter months.  So it really doesn’t make sense to set a big goal to have accomplished in these first months of the year.  There are, however, things you can be doing.  

December – Rest

January – Gestate

February – Commit

There are goals you can set each month that are in alignment with the nature of the Seasonal Mindset of nature during that month.  For instance:  December, you could work on a knitting project you have been wanting to finish. And for January, you could sit with an idea you have for your business and sketch and journal about it.  Then in February, you can take that idea to your Daily GPS, getting spiritual confirmation and commit to take action in the spring.

March, April, and May are considered the Spring months.  It’s the time when a few blooms start popping because they are waking up from their hibernation. And a few early plants begin to produce. They are a welcome sight, but just a promise of abundance to come.

March – Decide

April – Evolve

May – Plan

Some goals you could set in March would be to make the decision on your idea to move forward no matter what.  Then in April, you could make the changes in your schedule, home life or character traits that would align with the idea you got back in January.  In May, you can begin planning your implementation of the idea.  You are ready because you have done everything in the months prior to prepare yourself and your environment to begin!

June, July and August are considered the Summer months.  This is where the work happens!  Finally, you can get out there and dig in the dirt, weed, water, train the plants up, rescue your plants from bugs and animals.  There is lots to do.  Satisfaction comes in the work accomplished, even if not much fruit is being picked.

June – Focus

July – Faith

August – Notice

June and July are the only active working months.  Work like crazy with Focus in June on the end result and doing the work in front of you to finish what you are focusing on.  July is the time to let go and let God.  Keep working, but believe and have faith that what you have done and what you are doing is enough.  Then in August, notice all the ways that your idea is taking shape!

September, October and November are the months of harvest.  After all your commitment, planning and hard work, you have an abundance of fruit.  So much that you want to share with your neighbors!  Everything comes full circle.  It makes sense that you should receive this bounty because of your part in producing it.

September – Celebrate

October – Share

November – Reconcile

In September, it’s time to celebrate!  You are seeing results from what you have accomplished!  Your celebration goal could be gathering your friends around you who were so supportive for a fun get-together.  October, you have so much gratitude bubbling over that you just have to share of your abundant life!  Maybe you write an inspiring book and share it with people you feel would benefit.  Or maybe you contribute a large amount of money to a charitable cause to share of your abundance. Then in November, open your arms to receive the results of all your work throughout the year.  The windows of heaven will open up and reciprocate in the way that you gave.  All things must be reconciled before you can move back into a state of rest in December.

What to do now, this month?

By doing what feels natural to you now, you prepare yourself for the work ahead.  Your ground is prepared and fertilized so that when it is time to go to work, the foundation is laid for certain success!

A bountiful harvest is the result after the preparation and the work is done.  Don’t rush it. When it’s time to celebrate, you won’t remember how long it took, it will seem like such a short time!

2- Understanding your purpose in the Kingdom

As I tended the garden throughout the year, almost every day, I was seeing God’s abundance and parallels and analogies to Christ’s life mission, and ministry. 

Jesus taught in parables for two reasons:  

  • The people were uneducated in the ways of God and He needed to talk to them on their level. So He used stories they could relate to like masters and vineyards and talents.
  • All things point to Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ was a new concept at that time. Since the people were just learning, they needed a transition to raise them up to where they could see Him for who He was (in the moment).  He was teaching them the principles that would help them enter the kingdom of Heaven through Him, BEFORE He had finished His mission!   He knew He would only be with them for a short time, and would be moving on to the next city the next day. So He left them with something to consider, a seed that could be watered and nurtured as news of His miracles reached them later.

I learned that abundance is all around me!  I harvested dandelion greens for the first time.  I didn’t plant them, but they grew anyway.  I saw real life examples of how God provides abundantly for us!

I experienced first hand the pain and anguish of the master of the vineyard who is grieved to lose a vine.  I had several beautiful squash plants that one day had lush green foliage, and the next day was covered in squash bugs.  I talked to my husband and we decided to give them some extra attention and those plants beat the bugs!  We were so happy over those squash plants!  I would say, just as happy as when we picked the squash!  I felt the joy of saving something that seemed past saving.

When we do life according to nature, we are having first hand experience with many of His parables.  Also, more than any other example we have, nature teaches us about God’s creation and His promises to us when He created the earth.

3- Trusting that your life is easiest aligning your mindset and your actions with the times and seasons.

There are little things that you can be doing all the time.  It’s important to give the time to what is supposed to be happening, when it’s supposed to happen.  God set up the laws of nature to be more or less precise. For example fruit trees need a chilling requirement to produce the best crop the next year.

Here is an interesting fact about the importance of Winter in the natural order of creation:

“As the days become shorter and cooler in fall, deciduous plants stop growing, store energy, lose their leaves and enter a state of dormancy which protects them from the freezing temperatures of winter. Once dormant, a deciduous fruit tree will not resume normal growth, including flowering and fruit set, until it has experienced an amount of cold equal to its minimum chilling requirement followed by a certain amount of heat.

“If a fruit tree is grown where winter cold is insufficient to satisfy the variety’s chilling requirement, blooming and foliation will be delayed and erratic; fruit set and fruit quality will be poor. Conversely, if a tree is grown where winter cold satisfies its chilling requirement too soon, the end of dormancy and loss of hardiness caused by a warm spell could lead to late-winter freeze damage to the tree and/or a too-early bloom. Subsequent hard frosts could cause crop failure year after year”

If there is a precise system for fruit trees, and these trees can go on multiplying and replenishing themselves year after year, it stands to reason that a similar system was set up for humans.

With fruit trees getting their chilling requirement, they don’t have to do anything.  They just have to allow it to get cold.  A cold day might be uncomfortable, but if it produces more fruit later, we can deal with it, right?

I’m sure your mind is just going crazy right now thinking of all the things you tried to avoid before, that might actually help you have an easier time if you just would allow it.  

How to Stay Focused All Year:

January – The seed is in hibernation

  • Let your ideas and goals organically sit.
  • If we try to implement immediately, we usually fail because this time of year is about rest and
  • gathering wisdom.
  • Find what is not working and make some new decisions.
  • Don’t worry about succeeding at implementation just yet. It’s not logically time for those seeds that are hibernating to grow yet.
  • Most people try to take the idea into full flower immediately, it is why most people fail at their New Year’s Resolutions

So then what?  After January, what do you do?  You have your Seasonal Mindset Chart and the full Seasonal Goal Setting Guide, to help you know what’s supposed to be happening.  But if you really want to commit to this, it’s so much easier to implement as a group.  

I had an idea to stay connected throughout the year and we can learn and grow together.

Let’s Do 2021 Together!

A couple of months ago, I introduced a new community – The Seven Gateways membership.  This feels like the perfect place for us to stay committed and share what we are learning.  I already have some ideas of fun ways we can really embrace each month and move through the year together.

This year has been challenging for the world at large, but I haven’t felt any of the stress and anxiety.  I know it’s a problem.  Most of the people who have scheduled 15 minute calls with me this year, are struggling with anxiety.  

However, I also know that those who are with me consistently, on the Gratitude Call and in my other communities, don’t feel it.  I have no idea what challenges 2021 will bring, but I do know that if we keep eyes on Christ, we won’t feel it. My experience and the testimonials I receive almost daily, tell me that it’s easier to keep eyes on Christ as a community.  

I had a 15 minute call with a woman today, who had been in total anxiety before connecting with friends and then together she and I got even more clear on the truth.  There is power in connecting with those, especially when they are also wanting to follow the order and abundance that God set up in the original Creation of the earth.  

I feel that it’s a time when Christians really need to band together.  There is strength in coming together.  And I can promise you, the easiest way to do life is following the natural flow of creation that God set up in the beginning,  God and Christ are the only means of stability we do have.  Whatever you do, keep eyes on them. 

Click Here to sign up for the Seven Gateways Membership Community

You will receive the 12-month Seasonal Goal Setting guide, just for attending today.  Each week and month you can be setting goals, just keep them within the guidelines of the Seasonal Mindset Chart, relative to that month.

It’s the power of community that will help you stay focused and consistent throughout the year.  

The biggest temptation we have is to work during the months we are supposed to be doing other things.  Then when it is time to work, we are either discouraged because there are no results yet, or we work haphazardly because we didn’t give time to planning, or we are tired from already working so much.

Here is the link again to Do 2021 Together!


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