“The Architecture of Life Master Class” 7.28.20

The Architecture of Life – How God’s Blueprint for Creation Ignites Your Spirit and Empowers You to Succeed in Your Purpose-Led Business

Welcome! And thank you  

I know you are here because you seek daily to be all that you can be, and you also struggle with the distractions of life. You have tried to make things work so that you can feel fulfilled in your purpose but find yourself continuing to fall short.  It’s hard for you to believe, based on past experience that you can work hand in hand with God when you are barely surviving in the world.  

Who this Master Class is for

Your time this evening is going to be well spent.  The information I have to share with you is life-altering!. You will leave this Master Class tonight with a renewed sense of determination, knowing you actually have a path that works for you!

I considered the best way to begin tonight, and I feel the perfect beginning is to ask God to send the Holy Spirit to be with us to help us be open to receive and understand new concepts.  Nothing that I will share with you tonight will be foreign.  Everything is based in Christian beliefs, but the way I present them and my asking you to embrace them as business principles, will be completely new and different.

I ask that you each say a silent prayer for me that my words will be guided and for each of us here to be willing to listen and learn without resistance, to invite the Holy Ghost to be present and speak to our hearts so that He can confirm or deny what you are learning as truth from the highest source.

Full Master Class – Audio
“The Architecture of Life – How God’s Blueprint for Creation Ignites Your Spirit and Empowers You to Succeed in Your Purpose-Led Business
Full Master Class – Video
“The Architecture of Life – How God’s Blueprint for Creation Ignites Your Spirit and Empowers You to Succeed in Your Purpose-Led Business

What you can expect:

By the end of our time together, you will have a clear understanding of why your past efforts have failed to bring you the results you desire, and you will also know what’s missing so you can fix the problem.  

You will also see the path laid out before you, and know at least the first steps to building your business using the perfect tried and true method that is guaranteed to succeed!

Something to look forward to: 

The Architecture of Life – God’s Blueprint to Creation is what I will be sharing with you tonight.  It seems complex at first glance, but that is because I am showing you the whole Universe of Possibilities!  We obviously are not going to be building that blueprint in 90 minutes.  I will, however, be just showing you a couple of key items that will unlock all those possibilities!  

AND, if you stay with me to the end, I am going to be sharing a unique opportunity that can take you from being introduced to the possibilities, to actually implementing God’s blueprint in your business!

I will give you opportunities to ask questions in the chat all along, so write your questions down, and when I say ‘go’, you can put those in the chat and I’ll answer as many as I can here in the Live Master Class. Deal?

What I Have Found as I Have Built My Business Blueprint:

Last month, our Master Class was all about The Daily GPS Planner…choosing goals that lead you to fulfilling your purpose and asking questions to get answers to the problems that are right in front of you.  I make a practice of asking questions every day to help me find solutions to those problems.

The Architecture of Life came as an answer to specific questions I have been asking for a couple of months.  But my seeking for answers started almost a year ago…August of 2019.  I realized then, that I was doing everything ‘right,’ according to what I knew, and I was still struggling financially. I was teaching abundance, visualizing abundance, affirming abundance, but the conclusive painful evidence was that I was barely surviving. Even worse, I felt like I was backsliding as I tried to keep up with mounting expenses of growing my business. 

I know I am not the only one who has felt that you have a worthy God-given dream that seems to be getting farther away, the more you do. The frustration and fear of not finishing what you came here to do…the false hope you hang onto because the vision you try to paint for others never seems to pan out…The energy-draining hours you spend trying just one more event, one more mentor, one more book, to try to find the missing piece that will open the way to success for you.

Just a couple of months ago I finally had a light bulb moment…God did not put us on this Earth to starve at a banquet of variety and abundance!  I knew there was a way to have wealth working hand in hand with Him because He commanded us in the beginning to multiply and replenish the earth.  And I don’t think He was just talking about making babies.

I scheduled a few calls with mentors and got some good advice, and I got some that was more of the same advice that I had already tried and failed.  The thought that kept coming to me was “less is more.”  And the experts were telling me “more is better.”  I ended one call abruptly because I started to sob uncontrollably. I felt my spirit crying out “PLEASE! There has to be another answer!”


The inspiration came very softly, as it always does.  And the feeling that accompanied it was “there is no way that this won’t work!”  I was that certain of it when the answer came!

The Architecture of Life is patterned after the two major events of our earth’s history – The Creation and the ministry of Christ.  Both resulted in God giving life – the earth’s creation facilitated physical life on a new planet and Christ’s ministry resulted in spiritual life everlasting in the world to come. Living things grow.  And they multiply and replenish.  It is THE perfect blueprint that MUST work! It worked for God and it worked for Christ and it will work for me, and it will work for you!

Alright, who wants to know what this blueprint is?

Consider Adopting These Three Ideas:

#1 – You won’t get it exactly perfect the first time – is that ok?  Can you allow yourself to evolve along your purpose-led path?

#2 – This is simple, it is easy, and it is comfortable – most of us value the struggle more than the outcome.  That is not God’s way.

#3 – The structure is not the most important part – I’m going to give you step by step, but it’s your connection with your own Purpose, God and the people you serve, that makes the magic.

Here We Go!

#1 – You won’t get it exactly perfect the first time – 

But you will be doing it right.  For example, I started doing a daily gratitude call when I was inspired to become an addiction coach.  We found that connecting through gratitude was a key element to keeping people sober.  So we started connecting every day (6 days a week) and doing some breathing exercises, stating what we were grateful for and finishing with sharing a commitment for the day.  If I hadn’t embraced the idea of being an addiction coach, The Daily Gratitude Call may not exist today.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was right.  In the Architecture of Life, you will discover the 5-10 things you need to be doing on a daily, monthly and weekly basis to just keep it multiplying.  They will settle upon you as gentle inspiration.  If you can trust it and follow without question, it will become perfect over time.

#2 – This is simple, it is easy, and it is comfortable – 

When you are doing this right, you are living in your genius every moment of every day.  Everything you do leads to fulfilling your purpose and doing your part to help God complete His Plan.  There is only time to walk YOUR path of purpose.  You cannot try to fix or figure out other people with this plan.  That may be frustrating if you are a control freak.  But it is the only way to win!  Just get over trying to live other people’s lives for them, and only live yours.  You will find that you serve and inspire MORE, by only focusing on your path.  This way – there is no competition.  You do your thing and I do mine.  Me and God are creating something completely different than you and God.  So no two businesses could possibly be alike.  Your tribe is attracted to you, so rather than you going out and beating the bushes to find people, they come to you!  They will ask if they can work with you!

My Daily Gratitude Call that is now a podcast is a free resource that many can testify is the best way to attain this higher way of living, loving people where they are and letting God guide them.

#3 – The structure is not the most important part – 

You need physical and spiritual to create a living body.  Right now, I am going to share the physical structure of The Architecture of Life Blueprint.  And also, the spiritual aspect that applies.  Be sure to not give too much credit to the structure.  If you go and implement the physical structure in your current business, you may get some results, but you will be doing it the world’s way, so you will only receive a small portion of the miraculous abundance God has in store for you when you ask for Him to give it life. Two people can create a physical body for a baby, but only God can infuse that body with a spirit. 

Now For the Main Event!

God has given us everything we need to multiply and replenish the earth, in the story of the Creation in Genesis. 

I shared my screen during the Master Class and then sent the pdf out with the replay to the Live participants. If you want a pdf of the spreadsheet I shared, please email me and request it. Don’t worry about getting it all written down, you can get the pdf to study later.  Just listen, and let it sink in.  As with all these principles, you will have to let go of what you think you know and what experts have told you.  

This is the Lord’s Way to Wealth, following your Path of Purpose, this is not the world’s way to wealth following a format or method.  The Lord’s Way must include God.  His breath of life is required to finish the Architecture of Life blueprint.


I want to give you one extra piece to help you get started with Day or Phase 1. And to help you understand more about infusing the architectural structure with life.

All of your people fit into one of eight categories.  I am only going to give you the first category.  people move from category to category. For instance, the General Public is one category, but once they get to know you and they start engaging more, they move out of the General Public category into the next level up. Some people have already moved past General Public and are more ready for connection on a higher level. They would be in that higher level category instead of General Public.

The counterfeit would be to build a structure that grabs the attention of the category, rather than seeking to connect with the one.  Remember, to build a business that multiplies and replenishes itself, it has to become a living entity.  It has to have God’s signature on it.  The lifeblood comes into your business when you pattern it after Christ’s ministry.  

I am going to give you the structure of the first category and then I’ll teach you how to infuse it with the light of Christ’s example.

General Public – Who They Are and What They Need

Each of you will approach the General Public differently because of your unique gifts.  That discussion about finding your unique gifts is for another time. If you would like to learn more about your unique calling, purpose and mission, go to https://wylenebenson.com/purpose/

But the General Public is all the same with the same needs.  Here they are:

  1. They wish the good life was for them
  2. They believe God is there for them, but they also believe suffering is how we best learn
  3. They feel out of control, no way out, victim of circumstance
  4. They are so focused on surviving, they can’t even consider finding gratitude
  5. They come with nothing, less than nothing, they come with fear.  
  6. They are seeking to receive all they need to look beyond surviving, to hope for a better future
  7. They only respond to FREE!

Offering an invitation to the General Public is like Jesus leaving the ninety and nine in search of the one.  He doesn’t set up an ad or post a bunch of fliers on doors, to maybe get one person.  He goes in search of the one.  And that is what you do when you are reaching out to the General Public.  Like I mentioned before, each of us does it slightly differently based on our own genius, but we are all doing the same thing because the General Public wants the same thing.

They want to know they are not alone, They want deliverance. They believe their worth is conditional but they hope they are wrong.

There is more to learn about this category and the other seven categories, but this will get you started being more aware of the way you have in the past been inviting people to be part of your tribe.

What’s Next?

You have more information here than you will ever get from a social media or marketing expert, but there is so much more than I can fit in this Master Class.

When I implemented the full blueprint as a test to see how it actually worked, my income doubled and my number of subscribers went up like ten-fold.

And I know it can work for you too.  I know because it is based in truth and God’s blueprint cannot fail.

I want to offer an opportunity for a few of you – seven to be exact.

When I had the inspiration for this Master Class, I immediately had the thought to do 10 case studies in August to build evidence of the power of The Architecture of LIfe. The reason there are only 7 spaces is because 3 of my current clients have already claimed their spots.

It’s $1000 and we will be working together almost daily for 30 days, to build a structure for your business and infuse it with life.  The Case Study group will begin August 1st, so that is just in a few days.  And I know if this is for you, you already know it.  

So here is how we will do this because I know I am going to have more than enough people to fill those remaining 7 spots.  I want to interview each participant to make sure you are ready to commit to building your business in this way.  

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these three questions, I would like to talk with you about being one of my Case Studies in August.

  1. you are currently building or would like to create a purpose-led business 
  2. you have resources to cover the up-front cost of the case study group
  3. you can make availability in your schedule during August to give your business full-time dedicated focus

If you answered yes to ALL three, CLICK HERE to schedule an Interview with Me to talk about joining The Case Study Group

Summary of Offer:

The Case Study Offer is simple – I will give you the entire blueprint and we will fill it in together.  You will have your business marketing and maintenance structure and you will understand the ‘why’ behind all the pieces.  You will know the 5-10 small, simple things you need to be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to keep your business multiplying and replenishing itself.

I have already told you my success in June.  July was just as successful.  I want to gather even more success stories by working one on one with you to build your business with The Architecture of Life following God’s Blueprint Ignites Your Spirit and Empowers You to Succeed in Your Purpose-led Business

Click Here to schedule your Case Study Interview

I already have 3 confirmed participants.  So there are still 7 spaces left! Secure your Interview spot ASAP!

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