7.25.20 The Architecture of Life Master Class – How to Prepare

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When I worked in direct sales umpteen years ago, the only marketing available to me was direct mail and land line phone calls. Many people didn’t even have a computer in their homes, and cell phones were just starting to be a thing. Texting on the new flip phones was a long arduous process of pressing the same button 2-3 times to get the right letter. And the only way to share pictures was to get double prints when you took your film to get developed at the camera bar at your favorite department store. If you called someone, you prayed they were home and available to answer, but sometimes you got a busy signal or had to leave a message on an answering machine, hoping they would call you back.

Some Fun Memories From My Days in Direct Sales

Personal connection was really the only way to actually sell something and you had to rely on divine providence to align the stars so that when you actually got ahold of someone, they were ready to buy and you had exactly what they needed in stock. And we did it, because It was all we knew!

Social Media Marketing is the norm in the world we live in. Private messaging. Online marketing through ads. Texting services and email campaigns that can send messages to hundreds of people at once. We can keep our product or service in front of everyone all the time by having a landing page or website, or selling it through some shipping service like Amazon or ebay so when someone needs something, they can Google it and order.

One big difference with the way we do business now, compared to the way I did business way back before the information age, is that the personal touch is all but gone. Everything is a commodity. People typically shop for price, availability reviews, versus a personal relationship with someone you know and trust.

If you are an entrepreneur, I am sure you have struggled to get yourself and your business known. It’s great that we all have access to the free resource of the internet. But because we all are equal in that marketing tool, it is next to impossible to be seen. You are one among the million who are doing the same thing as you are doing, and are also in front of your audience 24 hours a day.

You need a strategy that sets you apart! You need a way for your audience to find you, seek you out because of that personal touch that has been lost in the currently acceptable marketing methods. No, I am not talking about going back to making phone calls and direct mail to reach people. And I am not talking about hiring a marketing coach or service to do your social media posting for you. I am talking about building a structure within your business that makes you shine out as different that everyone else (without trying to outshine them with “bigger and better”).

While other marketing methods are just that…methods, a scheduled structure, educated guesses at what the market will respond to, you are building a living, breathing entity that has a life force with the ability to attract other life forces (clients).

The Architecture of Life literally means…

setting up your business so that it takes on a life of its own. A physical thing is not living until it has a spirit. Anything that is living is growing. When your business is infused with the vitality of passion, and with God and Christ as your partners who bring to the table the breath of life, you have a living entity that stands above the competition.

In preparation for the upcoming Master Class, The Architecture of Life – How God’s Blueprint for Creation Ignites Your Spirit and Empowers You To Succeed In Your Purpose-Led Business, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do I trust God to guide me daily in reaching the people I am meant to work with?
  • Can I be okay with my life being easy, simple and peaceful?
  • Is my business actually something I am passionate about, and would I do it anyway even if I were not being paid?
  • Am I patient enough to let go, and let God shape me and my business?

What limiting beliefs came up for you as you read those questions?

Traditional, acceptable marketing follows the belief that more is better. The Architecture of Life follows the belief that less is more. Can you allow that?

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