“Thank you Wylene! I’m so grateful for you. I don’t want to think about what my mindset would be if I didn’t have mentors like you in my life.” -Kristen


Your amazing! Thanks for your inspiration, willingness to help others and for your selfless service you provide every day! I’m blessed to have you in my life at a time when I needed this level of help, support and mentoring!” – Jared T


“This is a huge breakthrough for me. I did not realize I was still holding on to all my old insecurities from that relationship. My behavior makes so much sense now, as he was the first person I entrusted sharing my business ideas with and he always trampled all over them so much so that I stopped sharing ideas, stopped having ideas anymore. I thought I was long past that. Thank you for letting me see how I was still letting that affect me. I appreciate you. Thank you SO MUCH!” – Miriam T


“Wylene has been a significant colleague and mentor to me in business and life in general. She has the talent, wisdom, and experience to help people take their business objectives and personal lives to the next level.” -Craig


“Thank you, Wylene! I love you and the way you bring value into our lives – all of our lives. You are such a leader and your heart is soooooo big – big enough to include so many people. I appreciate the blessings you give so unreservedly.” -Sherri L


“You are a powerhouse force to be reckoned with Wylene. It is truly an honor to work in such close association with you. You are impacting so many people.” – Kris K


“Thank you Wylene!!!! I followed you instruction and it WORKED!!!! I know there is still much work to do – with the relationship and with me.” -Angela


“Wylene is a powerhouse with Belief Breakthrough. I was stuck in my business at a self imposed financial ceiling, that I’d been at for 5 years. After a 30 minute phone call, this ceiling was gone. Incredible! Wylene has become a great friend who I trust and I highly recommend. “ -Nate


“Thank you wylene! I’m so grateful for you. I don’t want to think about what my mindset would be if I didn’t have mentors like you in my life.” -Kristen


“Wylene, You knocked it out of the park this morning on the call! Loved the story you shared. In fact, I loved it so much I shared it with my family tonight at dinner. You are an inspiration. I could really relate to everything you were talking about. I tend to fall back into my limit zone when things don’t manifest right away. Thanks for making it real for me. Love you: -Sondra


“Wylene is a powerhouse force to be reckoned with. It is an honor for me to work in close association with her. She is impacting people in such meaningful ways. When I pull my closest and highest paying clients together, I invite Wylene to participate and help me add value to their lives.” -Kristoffer Krohn, Strongbrook Founder, Extreme Breakthrough Mentor


“Thanks…it amazes me how helpful these even short chats lift me. Thanks for all you do.” -Travis

“Wylene has a big strong heart to help others know how to progress by leaps and bounds! She recognizes how to use unusual gifts that would normally hold us back to our advantage. Time with Wylene is time well spent!!!” -Aaron and Bonnie Chadburn, Family Mentoring Foundation

“The call last night was powerful and I know that I was meant to call, especially considering the time zone yet I did not forget to call. I much appreciate you as I a very excited about breaking free from the chains I’ve been in. Thank you, thank you, thank you” – Angela


“It seems an important note that Conscious Creator did for me what 12 step groups and personal counseling never uncovered. This discovery alone has been well worth the money that my wife and I invested to be a part of the program not to mention many other discoveries, self-realizations, and lessons learned. I would do it again in a heartbeat and recommend this experience to anyone that is SERIOUS about making change and willing to put in the work. I am so grateful for Wylene, her big heart, and all of the many blessings that she has been a part of bringing to our family. She is my favorite mentor that I have ever had in my whole life.” -Paul


“I do want you to know that through this mentoring process I have personally found the cause and origination of my addictions. This has been worth the whole experience in and of itself. I have struggled to find this cause my whole life. Now that I don’t have my addictions my problems are still there to be dealt with instead of avoiding them by numbing myself with substances. I feel that I am able to address how I cope with problems now that I know the origination and where they come from. I personally have located 56 traumatic experiences (the list is still growing everyday) that occurred in my youth that have corresponding false beliefs that I have adopted and taken into adulthood. I am doing my work and I am growing more than I have in my adult life. Thank you for your mentor ship Wylene. You have blessed me more than you know.” – 6-month course participant


“Fantastic Wylene. You have an ability to listen and guide to the essence of a discussion; the unusual skill for me to discover my own inspired answer. Your mentoring has elevated my thoughts, production and results.” – Randy


“The last few weeks I have been getting up at 4 am so I can do my GPS and be on the call at 7 your time. I cannot express in words the amount of growth I am feeling and experiencing within me in such a short amount of time. I am so grateful for your gifts and willingness to share!” -Tammy F


“Thank you so much for your help today Wylene. It really helped me to break things down like that and see where my unique gifts are, and how I can help empower others. Now I just need to figure out the best way to go about doing that. Have lots to ponder. Thank you again and have a great day!” -Christie E

“Thank you for all these!!!! I just copy paste copy paste ect get in work mode!!!! You make it easy for me Thank you!!!” -Laura G using her Purpose statements as wording for her marketing and presentations


“Thank you so much Wylene! I really enjoyed our call together, and I’m so grateful for what we discovered!! This is so cool!” -Heidi H


Thank you for speaking with me today. You did an excellent job pulling out the things about myself that I could never get on paper.
I’m so grateful for your services.”
Jennifer C


“Thank you so much for your guidance last week. I made two huge breakthroughs on Wednesday and Friday. You made the picture so much clearer. I feel so empowered! You are a blessing. Thank you!” -Louise H


“Thanks, Wylene. Our call made me look inside and outside of myself. You have a gift for helping people see themselves in all directions. I really enjoyed our call.” Launa G


“I feel like Harry Potter with a new wand” -Mary L


“Dear Wylene;
Thank you so much for the call on Tuesday! It was quite an eye opener. I have never had the benefit of speaking with someone in this way. Thanks again for all your help!!” -Deb H


“Wylene! Thank you so much! I so value the work we did today and am once again so encouraged as I grow, change, and move forward with my business!! Have a wonderful weekend!!” –Sandy F

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