Safeguard Series – Divine Tutoring – 3.24.20

If you have ever said “I don’t know”, you know how it feels to feel lost and uncertain and not have confidence in your ability to find the answer.

Right now in our world, there is a lot of uncertainty. Things we used to depend on for stability are in question. Will I have a job tomorrow? Can I make my monthly mortgage payment? How will I entertain myself if I can’t travel or leave my house? Can I stand being in the same house with my family for a whole day?

One thing that is certain is that God still lives at the same address and we can always visit or invite Him over.

God sent His Son to visit our world over 2000 years ago. And the people he most often visited were those who were uncertain in their social or economic standing, as well as their standing with God. Most, because of the time they lived in, didn’t believe they were even worthy to enter a sacred building.

If we are uncertain, there is one source we can turn to who will speak directly to us in our time of uncertainty. Jesus’ message was to the poor in spirit. They were the ones who were most open to hear him.

I personally have been receiving inspiration that is relevant to our day, and to me specifically. If you ever catch yourself saying, “I don’t know”, go ask someone who does know. He knows you, and He knows what we are going through. And most especially, He knows what you can be doing right now to prepare for what is to come.

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