Safeguard Series – Come Together 3.27.20

Before we were asked to keep our distance from people, we were separated energetically by race, ideals, values, and beliefs.  It was only when we were forced into social distancing that we came together. 

Right now, our world is coming together against a common enemy. Nations across the globe are seeking a cure for Covid-19, and we are all taking precautions to protect each other from the spread of this virus.

For billions of people to become One, drastic change was needed. And something drastic is happening.

This is a time to drop shields, let down our guard, lower the hand that would keep people at a distance and begin seeing each other as One…one human family with similar desires and a similar destination. 

I have seen random acts of kindness in my neighborhood and I know there are similar acts happening all around the world. We are more aware of our elderly population. We are more considerate to grocery store checkers. We are more forgiving in general.

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