Purpose is not a thing we do, it is who we are.
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What exactly is Purpose Coaching? And Do I Really Need it?

The Path Of Purpose:

The first step to leading a fulfilling life that is also impacting others in a positive way, is to understand the way you are uniquely gifted. It all begins with clarifying your Calling, Mission and Purpose. Many times people use these words interchangeably, but I define them as three separate concepts.

Your “Calling” is who you are at the core. It is who you were before you arrive on the planet and it is who you will be when you leave. This goes beyond personality, it is what makes you unique and vitally important to the evolution of humankind.


Your “Purpose” is how you use those gifts to serve, love and lead others.

Your “Mission” is your special way of inviting people in. It’s how you find those people who you most likely will be able to serve.

Having a Purpose Call with me is a great place to start. It’s like waking up and remembering a dream that you had forgotten. But it is just the beginning. It’s like someone showed you the finish line and the starting line is on the other side of an unexplored wilderness.

“Sending a HUGE thank you and a hug to you for helping me with my purpose call a couple months ago! I have always had a good sense of my purpose, but I had got lost. I am finding more and more opportunities to consistently live in my purpose and I have NEVER felt this level of fulfillment and happiness!!!” 

-Tammy F

“Oh Wylene! Do you know how wonderful you are??? I have referenced your notes form our purpose call so many times. Every time I am stuck I go back and I feel so much better. You are truly gifted! Thank you for being part of social tenacity.”

-Andrea I

Do I need a Purpose Coach?

To walk the Path of Purpose alone, takes a lot of trial and error, testing different routes and sometimes back-tracking when you reach a dead end. A Purpose Coach can reduce the number of errors and help you arrive aligned.

If you are not sure if you are ready for a Purpose Coach, let’s have a 15-minute chat about your goals and help you make an informed decision. Click here to see my calendar and set-up a call.

If you are ready to get started now, click here to schedule your Purpose Call.

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“Thank you for all these!!!! I just copy paste copy paste ect get in work mode!!!! You make it easy for me Thank you!!!” 

-Laura G

“My experience of you, is that of love and connection, you are very aware and present.  I have not looked at myself as a 4 year old, I have been trying to work through sexual abuse that happened when I was 9 or 10.  This process has been very healing for me, and I thank you.”


“Thank you so much Wylene! I really enjoyed our call together, and I’m so grateful for what we discovered!!  This is so cool!”

-Heidi H

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