“Daily GPS Newsletter – Gratitude for Access to Success” 5.29.19

Today’s Prayer:

“Father, I am grateful for those who are in tune with Thee and share their messages of truth. The generosity and free access of information at this present time is so abundant! I ask that Thou help me find the information that is perfect for me. Guide me so that my time and energy is reserved for only those nuggets of wisdom that inspire me in fulfilling my own purpose and mission. I know that as I grow my testimony of truth, that I can be a catalyst for change in others…”

Today’s Scripture:

“While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” -Matthew 17:5

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Desire Success

I am reminded of a book that was released in 1955, a study of 10 Germans and their experience during World War II in Fascist Germany. I haven’t read the book, but a story of one man shared from stage by one of my friends several years ago, stuck with me. This man didn’t want to participate in the Nazi movement in World War II, but he had a family to support and that was the only job available to him. The statement he gave was something like “A rich man I was not.” The title of the book is: “They Thought They Were Free.”

The story’s message is that when we are set financially, we have more choices. We can make choices based on what we feel in our hearts more easily when our own needs are taken care of.

Today, after our Gratitude Call, had a similar circumstance present itself. A friend of a friend had a brother several states away who had just been in a motorcycle accident and was on life support. The friend of my friend was trying to get herself and her family to her brother’s bedside before they took him off life support this Friday if he didn’t come out of the coma.

She had no means to get her family there, no car and no money for the $1500 airline tickets. A rich woman she was not. My friend reached out to me for support and, unfortunately, I only had a non-monetary resource that I could offer. In that moment, I had the thought: “A rich woman I was not.”

The good news is that there was one who my friend reached out to who had airline miles that covered the tickets for her and her family to fly to her brother’s bedside. Resources and abundance surround us. I am grateful that we don’t always have to be the one who provides the answer. God created this abundant world so that together, all things are possible.

This experience also sparked my deeper desire for monetary success. On the call today, Mary mentioned that desire is the beginning. I have had the desire for some time, however, this experience has planted the desire even deeper and is based in love for service that perhaps I can provide for a brother or sister in need.

Even though I don’t know this family personally, I feel a deep love and desire for them to have the family connection that will provide healing and positive memories of how strangers came together in a cause for good in their behalf.

For Today:

  • Commit to setting aside a percentage of everything you earn in the next 30 days to have available when an hour of desperate need presents itself.
  • Before you donate, check in with your spirit and see if this was the divinely appointed moment for the funds to be used.

The GPS Newsletter is the “PS”…Prayer and Scripture…the additional pieces that complete the picture. The ‘G”, Gratitude opens us up to listen. Prayer is the verbal expression of gratitude and asking for divine tutoring. Scripture is confirmation of the inspiration we are receiving. The three together (GPS) help us begin the day, centered in Christ and open to receive divine guidance.

Ask, Listen and Receive your own Gratitude, Prayer and Scripture, or use the suggestions given here to help you get started.

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