Your Daily GPS Process – The One Critical Habit to Success


“I am teaching the Daily GPS process to my 5 sons!  Wylene, they only ever used to talk about video games.  Now they are setting goals and we are doing Daily GPS as a family!”  -Krystal  (see photo in gallery.  Prayer Pillow sold separately)



When you don’t know the next step, the one critical habit that is necessary is to ASK. The problem is that most people don’t know the questions that bring the answers you desire. If they have the right question and get the answer, sometimes it’s hard to trust. “Was that my brain or is that intuition?” They are afraid to take action because it seems too big, or they think it’s too easy so it can’t be right.

“The One Critical Habit” online mini-course gives you all you need to put into practice a daily ritual Wylene calls Daily GPS. Your Daily GPS is your direction finder for the day. It gives you the next step that will take you on the most efficient route to your chosen destination. It helps you uncover all your limiting thoughts and decisions about yourself and your goal. It opens your mind and heart to inspiration from a higher source.

This course is critical to your progression along your path of Purpose in bringing the areas of your life into alignment with who you are capable of becoming.

The Daily GPS is so simple and life-changing that some are even teaching it to their kids, and setting goals as a family!  Just think of the future possibilities when kids have a solid foundation of tapping into inspiration to know their purpose and mission very early in life.  This one skill of connecting with God for divine guidance, can even suggest the value and worth of each one of us in the eyes of God.


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