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How much more quickly could you advance if you gave yourself permission to proceed each time you encountered an obstacle along your journey? A Power Alignment Call with Wylene Benson will open a HUGE door and give you the confidence to walk through it.

How much more quickly could you advance if you gave yourself permission to proceed each time you encountered an obstacle along your journey to fulfillment and happiness in life and business? Reciting affirmations is good, but until you discover the root cause of the beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns, the false security of those empty words will not last. Having a guide to help you discover where the cycle began and empowering you to stop it and create a new cycle...one of abundance, peace, and clarity is priceless. That is what a Power Alignment Call does for you. Wylene Benson is a Master Breakthrough Coach and her intuition is invaluable in guiding you to the perfect place to let go of the problem and embrace the solution.

Additional Information

Thanks for your desire to schedule time to uncover your deepest limitations that are keeping you from progressing as fast as possible. On the Gratitude Call every day, we do a shortened version of the Power Alignment Call. This shortened version is for giving yourself permission to proceed just because it is logically the best thing to do. The quick 3-step process on the call is something you can do on your own every day with your Daily GPS! The steps to this shortened version are outlined in the FREE “Daily GPS Planner Master Class“, and also in the book, “The Seven Gateways – Your Map to Integrity in Life and Business

With the deeper Power Alignment Call, you will experience a one-on-one session that goes beyond just logically giving yourself permission to change, with Master Breakthrough Coach, Wylene Benson. You will discover the hidden reason why the problem was created in the first place. When you know where the limitation came from, you understand the reason it was created and can easily let it go. You will soon find out that working side by side with Wylene, the Power Alignment Call is extremely quick and practically painless. It is not just a talk session to let your feelings out. It is a targeted search and destroy mission with the ultimate outcome being a feeling of freedom and gratitude. One session is great to face and overcome your biggest block today. If you know you have many blocks to work on or if you will be stepping into a new level of creation with your life or business, and navigating the Seven Gateways, you will want to consider talking with Wylene about working personally with her on a consistent basis to seek out and deal with your biggest issues that have held you back in the past, and will inevitably re-surface as you attempt to grow beyond any level you have allowed in the past.

You may also want to consider joining the Seven Gateways Membership Community to have consistent group calls with Wylene and have access to  other resources within the community of others who are on their Seven Gateways Journey!


“I am actually looking exploring the possibility of going back to college to get my nursing degree. (This is completely because of the permission process I did with you during the Gateways mastermind group!!!) My kids will be going back to public school in the fall. I’ll only have 1 at home. I feel as though an entire new world of possibilities has been opened to me and I don’t have adequate words to express my gratitude for you!!!” -Gateway Guidance System Client

“Ahhhh I have been remiss in letting you know how wonderful the last couple of days have been. The way I feel is beyond words or description…. My heart is so full. My husband noticed right away and so did (my dog). I am me but I am totally different at ease relaxed…. I feel free and unencumbered. I realize I have never been free to feel this way before. Thank you. -RS

“Thank you! This was so huge for me! Thank you for using your gifts for good and facilitating this breakthrough for me! When I first heard you speak on Dr. Joe’s podcast, I knew I needed to connect with you. It took me quite a while to actually start reaching out, with doing the gratitude, but this has been the most profound 6 months of my life! Never have I experienced such a rapid, shift in my life! I love you and I am forever grateful for you! Sending love, and added strength to you for whatever you need in your life right now.” -TS

“The breakthrough session with you is powerful! And I really feel the results, and fast results – it just happens right there on the spot, I feel the complete change of my state of mind! You have your magic!” -EZ

“A huge THANKS goes to Wylene Benson today for helping me on this truly amazing journey we call “life!” If you don’t know Wylene, I strongly encourage you to get to know this compassionate and loving soul. A gift to all who have the privilege of benefiting from her talented and willing heart. After spending an hour with her over the phone, I feel I am able to move forward with conviction and confidence that I’ve never allowed myself to feel up until today. What a turning point for me to acknowledge now and I’m so excited to see what is coming into my world because of this door Wylene helped me open. Thank you, again, sweet lady! I feel I owe you big time and I’ll find a way to repay you, I promise!” -Julie Weaver


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