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Whether you are confident in your ability to get past any obstacle that may come up, or if you need someone to walk you through those fearful moments, the North Star Navigator Course is for you!  You will have group Q&A calls with Wylene, an online course and private one-to-one coaching to give you guidance all along your way.. If you are ready to dive deep into your past limiting beliefs that have held you back and eradicate them once and for all, you will be excited to know that is exactly what your private calls with Wylene are designed to do. Plus, The North Star Navigator Course is full of Bonus material not available anywhere else, to help you learn how to stay focused on the most important things every day, manifest and maintain prosperity and abundance and set your goals according to your purpose and legacy!.

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A North Star Navigator is someone who is very conscious and aware that they have a Purpose and are eager to give themselves permission to proceed past any obstacles. North Star Navigator is an online course with tons of BONUSES to help you kick off your Seven Gateways journey in the best possible way!  North Star Navigator is based on the curriculum in the book “The Seven Gateways – Your Map to Integrity in Life and Business” by Wylene Benson. With this 4-6 month course, you receive the benefit of understanding even more facets of each gateway as you dive into the additional content that goes well beyond the instruction in the book. In this easy step-by-step online course, you will learn at your own pace. You can access the online content at any time and return to it as often as you like throughout the time frame associated with this course. You will join the community of other North Star Navigators who are on the same Seven Gateways path of desiring to live in integrity with their Purpose, make a difference in the world and feel happy and fulfilled. You will have access to all the PDF documents, the audios and videos that support you on your journey. You will learn what it takes to gain rite of passage through all Seven Gateways (Faith, Abundance, Charity, Prosperity, Obedience, Humility and Equity). You will find in the North Star Navigator package, all you need to help you move past your challenges and capitalize on your strengths, while discovering what it takes to become aligned with your Purpose and finally arriving aligned at your destination of living a fulfilling life of purpose with access to all the resources you need to continue succeeding at even higher levels! To feel even more confident in your Seven Gateways journey as you take your leap of faith into the unknown, North Star Navigator comes with group Q&A calls, tools and inspiration to help you feel confident and it includes private one-on-one coaching with Wylene to keep you in integrity as you navigate the Seven Gateways.


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