Loaves & Fishes Experiment Mini-Course



When you are at the end of your known resources, what do you do?

The stories in the Bible of Jesus feeding thousands with a few loaves and fishes have principles hidden within them that we can utilize today to create more abundance in our lives. The 30-day Loaves and Fishes Experiment introduces 7 Principles of opening your heart and mind to allowing God to bless you by expanding your resources to meet your needs and beyond.

The 30-day Loaves and Fishes Experiment is a self-guided online course. You will receive access to all pdf documents, videos and audios to work through at your own pace.
If you are interested in having accountability and more interaction with Wylene as you learn this material, this Course is also included in the Seven Gateways Mastermind Group Coaching Program as a bonus.


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