Wylene Benson’s Daily GPS Planner, Course, Pillow Combo


Wylene’s Daily GPS is the one critical habit you need to move, live, and have your being in the heart of God’s purpose and love. Wylene has created these resources, the Daily GPS Course and the 30-Day Planner, to guide you step-by-step into the revelation of God’s will for the fulfillment of His purpose for your life. When you purchase your combo, you’ll immediately receive access to the course and a digital planner! Your physical copy of the planner will be shipped out right away, too, and will arrive in short order. 


The Daily GPS Course teaches you exactly how to easily and joyfully attune to God’s wisdom every day, and the Daily GPS Planner makes the GPS journaling you’ll do a breeze! All of the elements you need are in one place, ready to help you fill your days with peace and joy through journaling that brings you to your highest purpose and propels you toward your dreams. You’ll also get the excitement of tracking your progress through the month with weekly and monthly check-ins. 


When you order your planner/course combo, you’ll also get a special handmade prayer pillow just like the one that Wylene uses for her Daily GPS. Handmade for you by Wylene herself, this beautiful gift is free with your purchase! 


Click the button on this page to get started with your Daily GPS and enjoy the journey of personal growth and transformation like never before.



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