2.9.21 ‘Open Your Heart”

Happy Heart Month!

I call it Heart Month for a couple reasons

  1. It’s Valentine’s Day next week!
  2. I had a heart attack on February 2, 2012

You might say, my heart failed me, but the true story is that I had failed my heart.

The diagnosis of my condition was ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’. Caused by stress. There are outside stressors we all experience at times – financial, job, family situations, health, and the list goes on. The Covid Pandemic is a great example of an outside stressor.

The major stressor that caused my heart attack did not come from the outside. The reason I say I failed my heart is because my heart attack was a result of not listening to my own heart. My soul was crying out. While I was busy trying to control everything and everyone, there were others who I had promised to serve (people I wasn’t even aware of).

I had a message I had never discovered. Why? Because I had no time to listen and respond to the promptings of the Spirit…the language of the heart.

My advice – Take time to listen to your heart. Anything on your to-do list will wait, but your heart will not. Respond to the yearnings of the spirit, share your heart through your message, and experience first-hand, the fullness of joy and gratitude.

Commit this month to listen to your heart and open your heart to others

Last week, in one 48 hour period, I had 4 extremely urgent texts from current and past clients. “I need you!” “Call me ASAP!” “I need a breakthrough” “Do you have time today to talk?”

One text is normal, two is anticipated, but four…unheard of! I felt the panic energy, and I bought into it.

By the time I had responded to all four texts and helped my friends to find a space of calm, I was truly in need of someone to help me find peace! Gratefully, I did have a conversation with a friend and after taking a few deep breaths, was able to find my center again.

Something I did come to realize during that 48 hour period is that there is an emotional frequency that, if we allow it, can knock us off balance. It could be that this is a new energy, but more likely, it’s that more people are aware of it. Many people, because of outside stressors, are allowing their inner peace to be affected. They are buying into the panic.

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” -Luke 21:26

This scripture, could be interpreted as being written specifically for our time!

And if we buy into it, it is true. Many calamities and signs that are written in the book of Revelations and other places in the Bible, could be interpreted as happening now! And if we believe and live in the energetic frequency of panic, they become self fulfilling prophecies. Is it possible that men’s hearts fail them because they doubt their own strength and the strength of God?

I felt the panic, but was able to re-center myself by looking to Christ and trusting that God is still in control. Even if the powers of heaven are shaken, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. If you believe the prophecies, you have to believe all of them. If you believe the prophecies, you must believe the Bible is true. And if the Bible is true, you know that God has already won. Christ has already paid the price and banished physical and spiritual death from the earth.

Fear only has power when we choose to believe in it.

Resources to overcome fear:

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