Ready to navigate the Seven Gateways?
You're on your way to a life of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness!

Training Schedule

Here are the trainings you'll get to experience!

    • Gateway Assessment Call
    • Daily GPS
    • Gateway of Faith
    • Purpose Call
    • Gateway of Abundance
    • Loaves and Fishes 30 Day Experiment
    • Gateway of Charity
    • Secrets of Genesis
    • Daily Rituals Pack
    • Gateway of Prosperity
    • Gateway of Obedience
    • Gateway of Humility
    • Gateway of Equity

North Star Navigator Video Library

You also have immediate access to a library of videos that can help you on your journey through the Gateways. You can access these videos anytime. I suggest you scroll through them as you get started to familiarize yourself with the contents. You can return to the library anytime you feel that they can be helpful! Remember, these aren't mandatory but they're here for you if you need them.

Click below and you'll be redirected to the library.

Course Outline and Links to Access


Welcome to the North Star Navigator Course. Over the next few months, you're going to experience transformation like never before! Watch the video here to get started!

Throughout your work in the course, you'll also get chances at the perfect times to talk with me. We'll make sure you're on your way to reach your goal! Here's a handy link to use when it's time to schedule (you'll know because your course notes will tell you!).