“My 6-Month Reflection” 6.17.20

I get on my soapbox regularly about Inspired Shortcuts and using my Daily GPS Planner to set your goals. Today, someone suggested I go back to the very first planner I cracked open and see what My Purpose and My Big Dream was at that time.

What a revelation, and confirmation of the power of daily connection through this powerful tool!

On 12/10/19 – My Life’s Purpose – I feel a sacred obligation to lead, serve and love in my specific way which is to help them come to Christ in these three ways:

  1. develop the skill to receive personal inspiration
  2. finish their part that they covenanted before coming to earth
  3. claim their inheritance on earth and in heaven

On 12/10/20 – My Big Dream – When I stand before God at the last day, I am confident, upright and pure, know I did my part for the joyful result that the entire human family is tied together, all obligations fulfilled, sitting down in God’s house with my Eternal family around me. I am aligning with my Big Dream now by standing before God and man daily, upright, confident and pure in these three specific ways:

  1. Inviting my immediate family to be together
  2. having integrity in my words, actions and physical representation of my spirit and my heavenly home
  3. my obligations are fulfilled

In that moment on 12/10/20, that is what I felt was the ultimate Divine Purpose and the most joyful vision of what my fulfilling my Life’s Purpose could possibly facilitate!

Notice the words I have italicized above. The common thread in everything I wrote is a sense of obligation. I didn’t notice this until I went back and re-read this page in my planner today.

The Daily GPS Planner is a place to record your deepest desires and your inspired path. There is no better way to see the hand of the Lord in your life, than to look back and remember where you were.

Now – look at the comparison of My Life’s Purpose and My Big Dream that I wrote just last week when I opened a new planner.

On 6/12/20 – My LIfe’s Purpose – All My Obligations are Fulfilled! Christ has presented my business to the Father, perfected, and He has pronounced it ‘Good’. I lead my communities in righteousness that all may sit down together in our Father’s house, as equal heirs to all He has. The immortality and eternal life of man is assured as all debts are wiped clean through Christ and fulfilling the obligations and covenants in the pre-earth life. I am an instrument in God’s hands in helping His children find the way home, made spotless through CHRIST!

On 6/12/20 – My Big Dream – We are sitting down in God’s house, all debts washed away. I have done my part to gather Israel. I am a trusted steward in Christ’s Kingdom on Earth. I take my rightful place as an heir to all God has. I am a witness of Christ, I have received His image in my countenance. My family is inseparably connected and sealed for time and all eternity.

Do you feel the power shift in the statements on 6/12/20 versus 12/10/20? I do! And I had not known this until I reflected on the change over the past 6 months.

Back in December, 2019 I was feeling the weight of obligation, and considering it a duty and responsibility to do specific things which was my part. I know in that time, that was exactly what I needed to believe. And it was a dream of mine that those obligations could be fulfilled, not just for me but for everyone who has ever lived on Earth.

But Notice the progress that has been made over the past 6 months!

Just a week ago, I have moved from the burden of obligation last December, to seeing that all obligations are fulfilled, and it is done through Christ! So rather than the heaviness of having to bring people to Christ, I see it as a thing already. All obligations are fulfilled through Christ! All debts are washed away through Christ! It is so already!

It took 6 months of my Daily GPS to bring me here. And oh how worth it and oh how joyful the journey has been!

The other thing I noticed is that in December, my Life’s Purpose felt like something I had to do, and my Big Dream felt like something to hope for if I could do it all. Now, in June, 2020, I am seeing that My Life’s Purpose and Big Dream are ONE!

I AM and IT IS!

There is no greater feeling than to know you are One with God’s greater plan and that your daily actions are guiding souls to come together as One with you.

I am so grateful for God’s guidance over my entire life bringing me to this point. And I am so grateful that He has inspired me to create the one tool – My Daily GPS Process and most especially My 30-Day Daily GPS Planner to increase my speed of becoming One with Him, and helping others do the same.

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