“The Law of Convenience – Step by Step, Creating a Life Where All Things Work Together For Your Good” January 2021 Master Class 1.20.21


Many of you have been following the 2021 On My Terms video series that I have been posting daily, leading up to today’s Master Class.   I purposefully didn’t really tell you the behind the scenes reason why I was creating these videos.  Because convenience is something that is created by doing something today, for a synergistic moment later. We don’t know ahead of time that we should have done something previously.

This Conversation Couldn’t Be More Timely 

The pandemic we’ve been experiencing since last March has been a great example of the need to be prepared.  But we really had no idea of what to stock up on.  Toilet paper, sanitizer and bottled water is what most people chose to buy tons of.  But as 2020 played out, these things have mostly been available, as has food and other necessities.  I think in some ways, it created some false peace, like, “Oh, the stores are going to be open so I don’t have to go crazy with stocking up.”  Or worse, we could judge ourselves and say, “well that was a bunch of money down the drain.  I won’t do that again.”

What to Expect Today

The problem is we CANNOT know the future.  We have no idea what 2021 will bring.  And we have no idea what our needs will be in the future – pandemic or otherwise.

I was walking through Bed Bath and Beyond just before Christmas looking for a gift for my daughter.  I said “what I really want to give her is a steam mop”.  My husband said, “you mean like this one?”  Literally 3 inches from my hand.  My past experience had taught me you can’t buy steam mops in stores, you have to order them online.  But somehow, this was conveniently, and literally, at my fingertips.

That is the kind of convenience we are talking about today – When you need it, it is available.  Not just emergency items, but items that make your life easier.

Progressive Understanding of The Law of Convenience

I have already been teaching this concept of convenience in my higher level group mentoring programs (the Lord’s Way to Wealth and The Architecture of LIfe,  There is so much, we could talk for days!  

But today I am teaching something a little different than what I have previously shared.  I am going to give you 3 steps to creating this kind of convenience in your life.  I am going to explain how to ACTIVATE The Law of Convenience in your life I haven’t shared this in my other training.  So if you have been on those calls, this is additional value.  

This idea of creating convenience has many facets, and I’m still learning about it, so I decided to focus only on the Law and the steps today because we just have 90 minutes.  You will definitely have a place to begin creating convenience in your life today with these 3 steps!

My Journey to Convenience

The idea of asking God to help me understand creating convenience came because I was getting exhausted by all the miracles in my life….Wait…What?

Every month, I would go to Him for the money I needed, the strength I needed, the support I needed.  And He would always provide!

But if you have done that like I had done month after month, year after year, it is super stressful to not have enough, and to have to rely on divine providence month after month.

Can anyone relate?

So I got the idea that maybe God was just as tired of providing in the nick of time as I was asking in the nick of time.  So I started asking for inspired shortcuts and divine tutoring to have a life where everything was easily accessible when I needed it.

You will be surprised to find out that going to bed at 9:00 pm and getting up at 5:00 am was the inspired shortcut that came to me and was most pressing on my mind day after day!

It was hard to follow that inspired shortcut (9:00 is so early!  And so is 5 frankly!)  But when I did it, I would wake up before my alarm and could just snuggle in bed for a few minutes and it felt so luxurious and abundant!  And guess what – that was evidence that God could provide what I was asking.  I had more than enough sleep, time, rest, energy…all of that!

The thing I noticed afterwards is what helped me see that this is a law with cause and effect.  I went to bed before I needed to.  And all of a sudden, I had the money in the bank before I needed it.  I had the food in my fridge before I needed it.  I had toilet paper before I needed it!

Let me be clear that your Inspired Shortcut to create convenience in your life will be different.  For one participant on the call, it is to remove distractions.  She has been avoiding social media and even her phone for a large portion of the day.

Video – The Law of Convenience Master Class Replay
Audio – The Law of Convenience Master Class Replay

Time to Dive In

This evidence from getting more than enough rest, money, etc., going to bed at 9 pm, taught me a couple of things:

  1. I can’t know what I need because I don’t know what I will need in the future, but God does and He wants to make life easy for me.
  2. I have to become what I expect back. (if I go to bed in the nick of time or even late, I am communicating to God that is my favorite way to operate)

Pertinent Points

  1. Convenience Stores
    • 10 virgins (See Matthew 25) – 10 were invited to the feast, 5 had extra oil.  The other 5 had to go to a convenience store and were late to the feast.  I’m going to fill in some gaps – we know all 10 virgins were invited to the feast, so they were all good.  I am guessing they all had the option to bring extra oil but only 5 heeded the call.  The other 5 had to run to the convenience store (the oil seller who was open at midnight).
    • We live in a world of convenience now – Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11.  There are ways I have caught myself relying on convenience: praying for last minute financial miracles, stay up late if I need to work on a project, expecting that stores will be open if I run out of something, using credit cards when I really should wait a month or two.,
    • If you are creating for convenience, you are creating before you need it!  You have a desire to do now, for convenience later, rather than trying to survive because you didn’t do the thing.  The 5 virgins who had oil, had oil before they needed it.
    • You will pay anything when it really matters and you have no other choice.  You have more resources like time and money when you create for convenience, rather than relying on convenience stores.
    • At some point, it is too late. You just have to go with what you have.  If you have not prepared, and have relied on convenience stores, you may have to go without. (like preparing for Christmas Eve when time runs out)
  1. God creates for HIs convenience for His purpose (Jonah 1 & 2) 
    • Jonah knew the mind of God and He went in the opposite direction (he chose inconvenience)
    • The sailors on the ship knew there was someone on board who had offended God.  They threw Jonah overboard and a big fish was conveniently right there to swallow him. (God will always create convenience for HIs purpose to be fulfilled)
    • Then he conveniently was thrown up on the shore so he could continue on his way to Ninevah.  God had a job for Jonah, and Jonah chose the inconvenient way.
  1. The Law of Convenience (How to create convenience in your life) –

Scripture references and 3 steps to creating a life where all things work together for our good:

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  -Romans 8:28

  • Love God and heed the call to help Him fulfill HIS purpose

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

  • God retains us in His mind always, and His thoughts towards us are of peace, not of evil and to give you an expected end.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.  Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignaty; whisperers.”  -Romans 1:28-29

  • Convenience is the result of knowing the mind of God.  You cannot serve two masters.  If you don’t like to retain God in your knowledge, he MUST give you over to the other option.  Your choice to not keep that channel of communication open, is a signal to Him that you don’t want the kind of convenience He can create for you.  The reprobate mind is filled with all kinds of things that create chaos, not convenience.

Concepts to Remember From these Scriptures (above)

  1. Retain God in your knowledge to open the channel for mind melding with God.  He will never force His mind and will upon you, but if you are open to know what He has in mind for you, you can know His mind (and He always has peace, never evil in mind for you).
  2. The Counterfeit of the Law of Convenience is to build up a bunch of stuff to have convenience later.  “No matter what, I will have it.”  That is taking God out of the picture.
    1. I have spent less money and I feel much more at peace, following through on divine guidance.  And I have found that everything is available exactly when I need it.  Taking action in obedience, rather than taking the actions that are comfortable or being forced to, brings convenience later.. 
  3. Jesus said go without purse or scrip. When setting yourself up for convenience later it’s usually not comfortable now  But it’s actually easier – no baggage!
  4. I have noticed that when I follow my Inspired Shortcuts, about two days later, I am really grateful that I did!

Summary – The 3 Steps to Creating Convenience:

  1. Love God and heed the call to help Him fulfill HIS purpose
    • This is not always convenient, nor is it always comfortable.  But if you want to experience a life of convenience, heed the call to do His work (not what you think His work should be, and definitely not what is comfortable for you!)
  2. God retains us in His mind always.  We hold the key to knowing His mind for us
    • If He has thoughts towards me, all I have to do is connect and the channel is open.
  3. Distinguish between convenience and comfort
    • We think convenience is always having what we want at our fingertips (always), but the law of convenience states that things need to be done now to create convenience later.  Just like doing laundry now is required to have clean clothes later.  Toddlers throw tantrums because they can’t wear the same shirt every single day – it does have be washed at least one day a week.
    • We can only know what needs to be done by connecting with the mind of God.  We can’t guess, or figure it out.  He knows, and by retaining Him in our knowledge, we will know too. 
    • We save resources and have an easier life when we do now what will create convenience later

Your Part in Activating The Law of Convenience in your life: 

  • Take action now to create convenience for you later. The actions are chosen based on the mind of God
  • You know the mind of God by retaining Him in your knowledge.  Having Him in your knowledge opens the door for His thoughts to enter your soul, thoughts that chart the course.
  • Let Him guide you according to His purpose first (your purpose fits neatly inside of His, and will simultaneously be achieved as you follow HIs guidance)

The Result of Obeying the Law:  

  • Your life unfolds with the grace of God billowing in your sails in the way that is easy and convenient. 
  • This is how you deliberately get everything working together for your good 
  • This is the Law of Convenience.

What’s Next?

You have the steps, there is still a problem.  Retaining God in your mind.  Daily GPS and The Daily Gratitude Call are HUGE helpers in staying connected to the mind and will of God for you.

Testimonial of Wylene Benson’s Daily GPS and The Daily Gratitude Call:

This is Gale da Rosa.  I just want to say thank you.

I have spent years paying our expenses in an attitude of faith.  There have been times when I have felt to pay something when on paper it did not make any sense to do so.  I have at times ignored this (and regretted it) and other times followed through and had a fair amount of stress.  I knew that I had done what I had been prompted to but there were negative factors beyond my control.

Since participating in the Daily GPS, The Daily Gratitude Call podcasts (thank you for posting it on YouTube), your masterclasses and now the 21 Day Challenge I have been able to let go of more of the stress (Fear).

We have had a couple of major expenses.  Again, on paper there was no way to make it happen.  However, I felt impressed to proceed with the thought to just pay things as they come due.  I committed to that.  I have always expressed gratitude for our income and ability to pay our expenses but since Day 9 I have been working to make it a deeper gratitude.  Day 11 my inspired shortcut was to remove fear.  Of course, it totally went with what you presented.  I felt so free.  This morning I am expecting that another major expense will be due today or tomorrow.  This morning The Lord provided exactly the amount that I needed.

I do not believe that I ever doubted.  However, to not have the stress associated with this that I normally do was absolutely wonderful.  Thank you for letting me know that what I have been doing previously was not just me living some false reality.  Thank you for confirming that I really was following what I was prompted to do.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  I have felt so alone on this path until now.

My heart is full and I really do not have the words adequate to express my feelings.

Big Hug of Gratitude, Gale da Rosa

But Don’t Stop There!

At this stage, if you are seeking the mind of God for you, it means you have a bigger purpose to fulfill!

It’s time to level up! 

Yes, continue joining The Daily Gratitude Call! Yes, continue doing your Daily GPS!

AND, it’s time to get on The Lord’s Way to Wealth!

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