Kids GPS Activity Pack

Values, Goals, Identity

With this pack, kids:

  • Practice living by the values that will serve them throughout life
  • Learn to set goals that help them fulfill their purpose as children of God
  • Develop a strong identity as followers of Jesus and members of their family, community, and church

What’s So Great about the Kids GPS Activity Pack?

Learn by Doing with Fun and Easy-to-Use Activities

The activities in this pack are specially designed for parents to teach, guide, and encourage their kids – even on those days when kids aren’t very enthusiastic!

The pack is designed to use again and again, helping you develop new routines with your children that will support the development of the values they need and the identity you want them to have for a successful and mission-based life. 

I’ve designed the Kids Pack to be a tool for parents to train their children in the ways they should go…all while kids think they’re just having fun and getting rewarded for their efforts!

Wylene Benson

Author, Coach, and Mentor

What’s in the Pack?

Here’s What You’ll Get In the Kids Pack!

Fun Activity Sheets

Activity sheets that teach critical life principles…like goal setting, working hard, living by strong values, and tuning into God’s divine wisdom!

Meaningful Craft Projects

Video instructions for making a prayer pillow to use every morning as a special unique reminder to connect with Heavenly Father in prayer.

Charts and Stickers

Printable charts for recording your child’s daily prayers, Scriptures, and goals. Your charts come with printable bugs and butterflies sticker sheets!

Who is Wylene?

Coach, Mentor, and Devoted Christ Follower

After her life was shattered by a heart attack in her forties, she had no choice but to reevaluate the hamster wheel life she had been living. Over the next two years, she  prayed, journaled, and read the Scriptures, looking for the answer to her purpose and mission. Following God’s divine guidance at every step, Wylene realized that it was her purpose to teach others to find their purpose and live in the way God intended them to live. She developed her system of purpose and life fulfillment from God’s direct revelation.

Wylene now teaches others to find and achieve their purpose by showing them how to follow their intuition and act on it.

She has also adapted her system to be used with children so that they are prepared for life in ways that she only wished she could have been when she was a child. 

What is the GPS Process…and How Does It Help Kids?

GPS stands for Gratitude…Prayer…Scripture. The GPS process is a daily method of connecting your everyday activities to your God-given mission and purpose.

The graphic below shows the key steps of the process. Each step helps kids learn to set goals, keep their word, learn self-discipline, and develop daily routines that will serve them throughout their lives.


What People Are Saying

Daily GPS is so wonderful!  I have spent years reading the scriptures and getting just small flecks of gold for hours of study-  daily GPS has increased the gold to joyful chunks and it’s a duplicatable, teachable skill to teach my children. 

It combines goal setting with scriptures to create a personal liahona that is reachable, touchable and life-changing!  I’m so grateful to teach this tool to my children.

Krystal Meldrum

Mother of Six, Author of Organize Your Joy

I am teaching the Daily GPS to my 5 sons.  Wylene, all they ever used to talk about is video games…Now they are setting goals!  We meet together as a family every morning and do our Daily GPS. This process is so powerful and it is changing the way we live and work together as a family.

A Very Grateful Mom!

Oh Wylene! I don’t even know where to begin. A “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough. You truly are so inspired! Thank you for living in constant download and for being willing to share all of the goodness! You have truly changed my life! I’m so grateful everyday that I was guided to work with and keep in touch with you! You are a true disciple of Jesus Christ, showing such love and compassion to others! I have needed the spirit so much in my life and my morning GPS is now even more spiritual than ever! I truly do feel like I can make my home a spiritual safe haven! Thank you, thank you for being in tune and living worthy to bless the lives of so many. Thank you for blessing me! I just love you!

Daphne S.

Student, Daily GPS and North Star Navigator