7 Gateways to Integrity in Life and Business
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How does Integrity apply to Business??

Purpose, Value, 7 Gateways

There are three components to a successful personal and business life that is also fulfilling physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

  • Seeking Integrity without a balanced value exchange creates relationship debt.
  • Seeking Integrity without navigating the 7 Gateways to Integrity is a nice journey, but fraught with disappointment, dead ends, and frustration at never actually arriving.
  • Seeking Integrity without purpose is a time waster, chasing causes and promising opportunities with no deliberate direction

When all three are brought together, the result is a feeling of confidence and fulfillment, with the knowledge that every person on the planet is a gifted worthy individual, inseparably connected and vitally important within the whole human family. Abundance is the natural result of giving value and receiving equal or greater value immediately in return.

Integrity in Life and Business is a state of being when all things come together perfectly and it just feels ‘right’. You are creating your world on purpose and enjoying every minute of it. You recognize challenges for what they are, simply the next way you get to find alignment with the highest and best version of you. There is gratitude in every experience and every step is forward because you are making choices that are in integrity with the highest Truth that you currently know.

When you are truly living in Integrity, there is no separation between life and business. You are as immovable as the physical laws of the Universe and as flexible as the ocean current. Everything points to Purpose and is motivated by love of self, God and those you are inspired to serve.

My Approach to Coaching

I am on a constant quest myself, for the highest Truth I can find. And I am daily seeking for ways I can be more in alignment with my greatest mentor, God and the physical laws that govern our Universe. I know that as I live and work in tandem with these immovable and predictable components, I will find the fastest path to my end result and will lead a more happy and fulfilled life.

I invite all those who choose to learn along with me to join me on the same quest. I share freely, my gift of translating inspired messages into bite-sized learning that is easily understood. And, because I know I stay committed more readily when I am in a group, that is mostly the way I work with others. Those who participate in my group Masterminds get to witness my personal breakthroughs and see me in my weakness. We learn and grow together, it is a constant adventure.

Small group mentoring courses are readily available and I do take on a few clients a year in a private setting when it feels like that would be in the best interest of the client.

To find out how you can work more closely with me, schedule a 15-minute call with me here.

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“Thank you, Wylene!
For the links, for the course, for all your work of learning and mastery, for sharing, for loving big enough to create the 7 Gateways Course.”


“Thank you, Wylene.
Everything within me has room to feel more deeply, everything fun is funnier… When I was a child, TV went from black and white to color. Today my emotional world did that.

I cannot comprehend the eternal value of the work you are doing. God and the angels know. And someday you will see it all unfold in the record of your life.”


“What a gift you have given us Wylene. To be able to recreate is beautiful. Thank you again. This has been very prosperous, abundant, faith-filled, … to be connected to you.”


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