“How Christ Cancels Our Debts” 6.11.20

I am sharing a sacred moment with you this morning that occurred during my Daily GPS.

A $700 invoice that I know was paid by one of my business partners was discovered to not have been paid. Neither my records, nor their records showed it had been paid. Neither of us could remember. Yet I am conscious of my money and I am certain that this obligation was fulfilled to me on time. I know that God wiped that record and our memories clean of that payment, so I could receive it again.

The purpose for this miracle in my life is three-fold

  1. I needed money to pay the mortgage on one of our rental properties
  2. I needed evidence that God can do anything.
  3. I needed to see how Christ’s Atonement wipes clean all of our inequities and the memory of them.

God has the power to wipe clean our debt and the memory of it.

I ask: Lord, how is it done?

My answer: It is done by the blood of His Son, to give hope and faith to his children.

My New Understanding of God’s Grace and Power:

  • I acknowledge the truth, that God has the power to do anything!
  • I receive His gifts with gratitude
  • I receive His gifts as a normal course of my day
  • I am ready and enough to receive unlimited gifts from God and my Savior
  • I am enough to receive all those who choose to come to me in trusted influence
  • Whatever is needed, I am willing to allow God to orchestrate
  • I am ready to command my world to multiply and replenish with God and Jesus

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