“Gratitude for Welcoming New” 9.9.19

We are in a perfect position today to be welcoming new…a new season is unfolding, today is Monday – the first day of a new work week, it’s the morning of a new day in a new month!

I am super excited to be rearranging some rooms in my home to create a new type of space where I can invite clients in for one-on-one edifying, enriching and empowering!

As long as I am living, I will be learning and growing. My North Star Navigators benefit from my personal growth, because I share everything I learn with them while they are connected to me on their purposeful journey. Not only am I a new person every day, I am teaching those who choose to work more closely with me, how to be new and embrace new, every day too.

Thanks Tyrie, for mentioning on our call that the healing balm and repentance that Christ provides makes us new every day. Just as kids are resilient and can welcome new every day as we guide them, we can be resilient in allowing ourselves to be guided by our Father in Heaven.

Another way that kids are a great example of welcoming new is how they great each day. Remember how you used to bolt out of bed and run outside without shoes or clothes that matched the weather, with the intention to PLAY? There was no plan, just to play!

New thoughts, new direction, new perspective, new ideas…let’s welcome it all with kid-like enthusiasm!

Regardless of what your age is, you can change. Ruby, on our call humbly shared from a heart filled with gratitude, the new person she has become because of consistently investing time in attending our Daily Gratitude Call, and investing money in working closely with me.

I have been blessed to witness her transformation over the past couple of months welcoming new into her life.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Run Forward Joyfully

  • I am humble and confident
  • I am whole-heartedly jumping into play
  • I am approaching life with child-like energy
  • I am resilient and adaptable
  • I am child-like in vibration, learning and fun
  • I am naturally grounded and centered in light energy
  • I embrace me
  • I am off and running
  • I am child-like in creating
  • I am going out to play and fulfilling my plan and purpose
  • I am super excited to welcome new into my life

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