“Gratitude for Water” 5.24.19

Water is such an accessible resource in the world we live in today. In pioneer times, people would have to walk long distances and carry water back to the house to be used for such basic necessities as cooking, cleaning and bathing. It’s interesting that we sometimes view other resources such as time, energy and money as limited.

If we could see that all resources are just as easily accessible as water, we could finally get out of survival and begin to create with positive expectation.

Water refreshes. a shower or bath helps us feel ready for the day, calms us or invigorates us. Drinking lots of water during the day cleanses our inner vessel and produces more glowing complexion and vitality.

You can see the effects of water when you compare a desert landscape to a rain forest. The Grand Canyon was formed by millions of gallons of water constantly flowing over thousands of years. One drip at a time, consistency is power!

In nature, water creates and it destroys. All of the necessary earth elements can produce positive or negative results. Water can be fun as we sing in the rain and jump in puddles. Water can be devastating in vast quantities as in a flood.

Just as water easily flows over and around solid obstacles like rocks in a stream, it can be used to target and create something useful as a dam producing electricity.

In the study of Feng Shui, flowing water represents abundance. We can learn so much from water! In things that we cannot change, it is best to flow like water, over and around our obstacles. In things we can, it is best to use our obstacles as building blocks for change.

I Give Myself Permission to Be In Positive Flow

  • I target my resources to accomplish my desired result
  • I am in the flow of abundance
  • I utilize all my resources for my benefit
  • I have a consistent flow of resources
  • I control the flow
  • I turn on my flow of abundance and gratefully receive
  • I recognize what I can change and I change it
  • I recognize the immovable laws and I easily flow with them

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