“Gratitude for Uncertainty” 11.22.19

When all the preparing is done, all that is left is to wait.

This time of year, the month of Thanksgiving, and getting close to the end of the year, is a time for reflection, and just feeling grateful for what has been accomplished and patient anticipation of what all the planning and preparation will eventually bring about.

I have been in that kind of calm peaceful state for the past week. Doing nothing but asking and listening. All the doing of summer is past, all the work is over. I am just waiting for the byproduct of my efforts to manifest.

In the space of uncertainty, all things are possible and nothing is possible. I can plan, list, prioritize, but in the space of uncertainty I cannot control anything.

We can prepare for uncertainty. But we never really know what will be needed.

That is where Christ come in. He is the rock in every storm, He is the light in all darkness. He is the way.

Uncertainty requires faith until the physical result materializes.

I am so grateful that it takes a while for the physical manifestation of a dream to take form. If I got everything I wished for immediately, I would have many disappointments. As it is, by the time the solid form of my goal arrives, it has been twisted and changed to be exactly what I need. That time of uncertainty is the workshop where alterations can be made for no extra cost.

An archer draws back the bow and lets the arrow fly, not truly knowing exactly how close to the bulls-eye the arrow will land. With practice, the arrow will hit its mark more often, however, there is still a moment of uncertainty when the archer releases the arrow. That is the end of what he can do. He must then await the result.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Wait

  • I am an eager student
  • I am ready to receive
  • I am child-like in my excitement of what is to come
  • I am listening and learning with wonder and innocence
  • I am patient in my process
  • I allow time to grow
  • I am calm in uncertainty
  • I love where I am

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