“Gratitude for Trusting My Choices” 11.6.19

The song – THIS IS ME – from The Greatest Showman came to me this morning during my private meditation on our Daily Gratitude Call.

In my Daily GPS just before the call, I received a stark clear vision of who I am today versus who I was…literally…yesterday.

I am the physician, I am the surgeon and I am the healer. It is time for me to quit practicing (pretending, trying, preparing), and to begin practising (hanging out my shingle as a competent professional)

“And let every man esteem his brother as himself, and practise virtue and holiness before me.” -From the Book of Doctrine and Covenants 38:24

It is interesting that I have been in business for over a year now proclaiming my message. But I feel I have been practicing, rather than practising my craft. The scripture above took me from being one with my brothers only, to being one with God and my purpose, taking the lead and showing the way.

I trust my choice to proclaim that I am in the business of healing. It is a natural next step like transitioning from walking to running. “Look out, cuz here I come! I make no apologies. This is me!”

When the vision is this clear, there is no fear. I am free because I have something tangible and real to focus on.

Thanks to Mary for helping me see that I don’t have to worry about the affect of my choices on others, I make my choice to be ME, I trust and have confidence in others that they will find the beat of their own drum too.

Just as I have discovered for myself that ultimately strength comes from within, I can inspire that same quest for greatness inside of them.

Phil gave us some really powerful tools to test where we are in our choices:

The higher self is conscious and acts immediately. The lower self slips into unconscious reaction when action is delayed

The higher self longs to be ONE (inclusive, community, together, alignment with God and purpose). The lower self longs be SEPARATE (ego, better than, independent, individual accomplishment)

The higher self asks two questions:

  • What can I learn?
  • Who can I lift?

The lower self asks two quesions:

  • What will I lose?
  • What will I gain?

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Proceed Powerfully With My Choice

  • I excitedly grow myself every day
  • I am grateful I am living with conviction and passion
  • I am enthusiastic about life and my choices
  • I am fervently seeking my path and those I get to serve
  • I listen intently for my Inspired Shortcuts and I obediently and passionately take action
  • I heroically lift and serve
  • I happily receive the abundant success that my choice bring
  • I experience the joyous result of purposeful, conscious choices well-played

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