“Gratitude For Trapped Emotions” 1.22.2020

Yesterday I had the opportunity of feeling a very deep, painful sadness. I asked my husband to pray with me. I wanted the feeling out of my body and home.

This morning, I still have some residual fragments of that emotion. I want those negative feelings gone. I don’t want them trapped, inside of me, my home etc. I know if I don’t release them, and let go of the situation that brought them about, it can cause problems.

Emotions are things, they are energy. I get to choose, the feeling I assign to something. I choose if I keep the emotion trapped or if I want to let it go. I am looking forward to letting this go!

Thank you Felicia, for giving us a visual representation, of a door that’s closed, and as we choose to open the door, we might find junk at first, but as we are willing to clean out, we find pathways to new, exciting places.

Our bodies give us signals, and as we listen to our bodies we are able to clear whatever is surfacing.

Sometimes, emotions are trapped within us because we have taken them on from someone else. We don’t have control over others and how they feel. However, we do have control whether we allow their emotions to become trapped within us.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Let Go Of Negative Emotion

  • I am grateful for my body’s power to heal
  • I am aware of and willing to let go of all negative emotion
  • I am grateful for trapped emotions
  • I recognize what emotion is mine and what belongs to others
  • I am grateful for the gift of feeling pain
  • I am emanating light
  • I am filled with joy, peace, happiness
  • I am of infinite worth
  • I am full of energy, life, vitality

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