“Gratitude for Transforming” 8.3.2020

Transforming is different than change. Transform is like turning a corner. In the Lord’s Way to Wealth group I posted about the lilies of the field. Please give me this day my daily bread. Look at all the abundance, variety and plenty.

Fire is a great agent of change. Fire can bring heat to be able to mold even hard things like metal. Fire refines. Fire can also destroy when left unchecked.

Malinda brought up when we repent we release those shut up confined pent feelings. We give our will to God. Pent is shut up and confined. Friday’s call we talked about the prefix re-. Repent could be giving our will to God so could it be a better kind of confinement.

Today I give myself permission to be transformed by fire

  • Interactions bring understanding and feedback
  • I am open to transformation
  • I am transforming
  • I am turning the corner
  • I am refined
  • I receive the help and support I need now
  • I burn brighly
  • I am radiating the light of Christ
  • I nourish my light and my God within

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