Totally unique call today. I considered not posting. But I know the perfect people will listen to it and the perfect result will come for each person as they extract their perfect message from it.

Circumstances orchestrated my sharing the vision I received during my own private Daily GPS from just before our live Daily Gratitude Call this morning.

God created His earth in six days. Then He gave Adam and Eve dominion over it and rested for a season.

I, myself am creating my world…where I live, where I work, what I give my time to, who I serve. I feel as though I am in the fifth day and just getting ready to go to sleep and wake up on the sixth day, where I give dominion to perpetuate spontaneous abundance.

I have the team. I am in partnership with God. I speak the words and the creation happens.

I have been obedient to my Inspired Shortcuts and I see the results have manifested before my eyes. I know…not imagine, or I hope, or I envision…I know what 2020 holds for me and I am already catching a glimpse of the new world that is yet to be.

I am so grateful for the Daily Gratitude Call and for my Daily GPS. it is because of these daily rituals that I am in this moment feeling beyond humble, beyond grateful and beyond awe at what has been created…and what is yet to be.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Acknowledge My Work, That It Is Good

  • I have done well and it is good
  • I am ready to finish and move to the next thing
  • God didn’t say “It is perfect”, He said “it is good and well”
  • I have created well
  • I have all the components and it is good
  • I am the word – I speak it and it is done

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