“Gratitude for the Goodness of God’s Gifts” 7.28.2020

At the farmer’s market I ran into friends I met through an event. The woman has a business with energy work. The man has discovered his own gifts of working with children. Our gifts are useless unless there is a connection…with God and to His children.

For example if I can’t receive inspiration from God through my connection with Him I don’t have the content like my Masterclass tonight the Architecture of Life. It is especially for those that have gifts to share with and serve the world.

There is so much variety and differing beauty on this earth and it all speaks of Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. With the direction of God we can learn how we are to use the earth’s gifts or our own gifts! What would you do if you didn’t have any excuses?

Today I give myself permission to see the goodness in my own gifts

  • I give any buts or excuses to Christ
  • I am serving in a higher capacity now
  • I serve as directed and prompted
  • I am powerful and strong in Christ
  • I am a covenant keeper
  • I see my promises as critical matters
  • I am a passionate teacher
  • The word is in me
  • I am unique in my genius
  • I turn to God to magnify my gifts

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