“Gratitude for The Gift of Sight” 9.4.19

An artist has the gift of seeing a rainbow of colors where others only see orange.

Third-Eye sight is our intuitive sense that can give us warning and help us make good decisions when we don’t have any proof or evidence.

Another important gift of sight is the ability to see a vision of the future, based on faith.

When Jesus healed the blind man, He not only gave him the gift of physical sight, the miracle gave the blind man the ability to see Jesus as not only a physician and teacher (as many saw Him only), but as the Son of God.

Without the gift of sight, we may trip on a tiny step that would take us to higher ground.

A flashlight or glasses can sharper our vision. I know people who don’t want to admit they need glasses, so they live in a world clouded by pride.

We need light to see where we am going. Mary, on our call today mentioned an experience that I feel could be the basis of a keynote speech, teaching principles of seeing and being seen. She shared of walking in the dark, and tripping on a tiny rise in the sidewalk. So many lessons in this one experience!

With the gift of sight, comes the responsibility to see…

To see God’s creations, to see the greatness within ourselves and others, to see with the eye of faith, to see beyond our pain into the hope of a better life, to see the true prize and ignore the distractions.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to See Where I Am Going

  • I see with the eye of faith
  • I honor my Vision by focusing on only that
  • I am confident in my direction
  • I am guided by the source of light and truth
  • I am certain of my feet
  • I see the path
  • I choose the easy way and walk with the source of light
  • I am grateful for my path
  • I love and learn from all my experiences
  • I am excited for what I am learning today!

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