“Gratitude for The Emotional Body” 9.6.19

I remember when I was expecting my first baby, I suffered from morning sickness for the first 6 months. Many times, I would be invited to go places and would say ‘no’ because I was afraid I might be sick.

One time, I decided to go someplace and miraculously I wasn’t sick!

What I realized in that moment was that I was making my choices based on how I might feel at a future time. Now, I look back on that and think it is totally crazy! But then, it made perfect sense.

Our body and emotions work together for our benefit.

We, as emotionally intelligent human beings, can look at a choice we are about to make and let our imagination move us forward to an hour after we make that choice to see how we will feel about it. Our emotions can help us make good choices today, based on how we will most likely feel later.

Connecting feelings of joy, happiness and peace with our physical body actually helps us relax and can even dissipate pain.

Emotions can become stuck in the body if we don’t allow ourselves to feel them and let them flow through, causing physical problems that are totally preventable!

There are those in our world who are past feeling. People who don’t care about the feelings of others or even their own well-being. Such a dark place is created where there is no emotion.

How we should rejoice in the divine gift we have to feel!

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Utilize Emotion In My Choices

  • I love me!
  • I honor my body
  • I feel great!
  • I am relaxed and ready for anything
  • I embrace all emotions
  • I feel deeply
  • I recognize how I feel and correctly interpret what to do with it
  • I am good at using my emotions to help me make the best choices
  • I understand the difference between fear emotions and love emotions
  • I choose light
  • I choose happy
  • I choose gratitude
  • I choose high vibration emotions and experiences

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