“Gratitude for Sun Breaking Through Clouds” 8.13.19

Our world is so beautiful. God didn’t have to make it pleasing to the eye, but He chose to, for our benefit and for His, I believe.

I see beauty in a golden field of tall dry grass. I see beauty in the mountains that surround the valley I live in, and in the red rocks of Southern Utah. I see beauty in a cityscape, in a sunset, in a cloud formation, even in an old dilapidated building. God’s symmetry, whether expressed by God himself in nature, or by God within through Man’s creative genius, is equally as captivating.

One of the most beautiful expressions of God’s handiwork is the contrast of light and dark.

When the light comes, we forget the oppression of the darkness. And oh, how we appreciate the light after being in the dark. Think of being in a cave or a dark tunnel, and by comparison, the brilliance and undeniable draw that the light has for us.

Light comes to us in many ways. A tiny moment of joy in the smile of a loved grand-child. A card in the mailbox from a friend of long ago. Stepping outdoors for a drop of sunshine after working in an office all day.

Dark always gives way to light. Literally and figuratively, the sun breaking through clouds is a breath-taking exhilarating moment especially after extended periods of darkness. The sun comes as a welcome friend.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Live in the Light

  • I invite the Light in
  • I receive the Light
  • I stand in the Light
  • I love nature and I experience it often
  • I am grateful for the Light
  • I experience warmth, gratitude and love within the Light
  • I am the Light
  • I reflect the Savior’s Light and spread His warmth and love
  • I am brilliant
  • I shine brightly
  • I radiate my Light

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