“Gratitude for Spiritual Intelligence” 9.5.19

I had an emotional moment of gratitude last night. God gave me a gift.

The gift was a personalized piece of jewelry from one of my clients. A necklace with the word ‘SOLID” on it. She could not have known that I had selected this word on January 1, 2019, as my focus for the year. I selected the word because I wanted to feel solid. I did not feel that way.

One of my clients gave me the gift, but it was straight from God.

I didn’t share this on the call today, but it is significant to also mention that earlier in the day yesterday, I changed my word to “ENOUGH”, because I recognized that I now feel solid. The picture below shows what I put on my vision board, jut hours before receiving the necklace.

My new focus for a new state of being that I am seeking to be spiritually intelligent with

It was confirmation that I am complete with trying to become solid. I am solid. I can claim ‘solid as mine’ now. And I have the necklace to prove it!

My Gift from God as a reminder that I am complete with a stage of my progression

Last night marked a level of progression in my spiritual intelligence.

I loved so many other thoughts that were shared on our Daily Gratitude Call today by our live callers:

Mary – I trust spiritual intelligence over logic

Tyrie – Sometimes we wonder ‘is there a God?’ I have so many confirmations. Daily GPS is a gift in developing spiritual intelligence.

My own thoughts as Tyrie shared this are, if we are not spiritually intelligent, I have noticed personally and with my clients, that we can mis-interpret even messages from good sources, like answers to prayers and scriptural reading.

Felicia – Being spiritually intelligent, I am drawn to pure knowledge like a beacon, a homing device, calling me forward. I am trained on that homing beacon, and it calls me to safe harbor.

Felicia is a great example of even being the beacon for others! I have known her to be spiritually intelligent and solid enough that others can lean on her in times of need.

When we are spiritually intelligent, we don’t need to DO anything to support people, we just need to BE.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Be Spiritually Intelligent

  • I am spiritual reinforcement for those I serve
  • I am moldable matter reinforced with faith
  • I am solid in my commitment to act according to spiritual intelligence
  • I am grateful for my progress
  • I ask for guidance and listen with my heart and spirit
  • I infuse my logic with spiritual intelligence
  • I am spiritually intelligent
  • I notice every small miracle that confirms God’s notice of me
  • My spirit has the capacity to communicate with Gods
  • I develop and magnify my spiritual intelligence by doing my Daily GPS

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