“Gratitude for Seeing Through” 11.21.19

We see with our eyes, but there are so many other ways to see.

Last night, I went to the Springville Museum of Art and gave about 3 hours to contemplation and seeing the creations there through the eyes of the artists.

I see through my own beliefs. By asking questions, I can see through others’ beliefs too.

I use my imagination to see through my vision board to the end result I desire.

I see through a troubling situation to the solution. (Thanks Daniel for that one.)

I see through beyond words to the heart of the meaning in a conversation (Thanks Mary)

And recently, I am learning that I can see through solid objects when I imagine looking at the building blocks of tiny particles of energy. I can see what it is made of, and therefore, recreate it!

I am grateful that Christ and my Heavenly Father can see through my doubts to strengthen my faith.

Michael empowered us by reminding us that we can see through Satan’s deceptions and counterfeits and make our choices based on ‘remembering’ who we are. Thanks Kathy for adding your thoughts about the truth that we have always existed as worthy, divine beings. We have just forgotten our greatness.

I love the twist that Rachael on our call this morning gave, on seeing through when she said she is grateful that Heavenly Father sees her through.

And thanks to Felicia who inspired the way we ended the call with a meditation seeing through the forest to the clearing ahead where we are free to burst out and be, to create whatever we choose.

Mary shared her experience after the meditation, that when she is deep in the trees, it felt dark and cold, but when she returned to the trees after being in the clearing, she brought the light and warmth with her.

When we allow ourselves to see through the physical into our true divine gifts and let them shine, we shed the clay covering and reveal the shining light beneath.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Use My Spiritual Eyes

  • I am a divine being of light
  • I am light
  • I am whole
  • I am perfect
  • I am me!
  • I can’t NOT be me!
  • I am the light and warmth
  • I radiate the warm light of Christ
  • I remember who I am
  • I am ancient in my wisdom
  • I easily pull the knowledge from my vast resources of knowledge
  • I am always open for new knowledge – earthly and heavenly

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