“Gratitude for Seeing Past Fear” 10.9.19

We all feel fear from time to time. My experience is that if I make my decisions based on the fear, I will not have the best outcome.

However, if I can see past the fear and create a positive outcome in my imagination, I can make choices based on what I want. It empowers me to step forward, as if the fear didn’t exist because I am focused on the outcome.

Fear is a wake-up call, as Mary on our call today said. It can actually be the means by which we rise!

We had a profound discussion on the call about the fear of being on a stage, waiting for the curtain to rise, knowing we are going to be seen by an audience. And then growing to the point that we are always on stage with the curtain always up. Just being authentic regardless if someone is watching. What a powerful place to be!

Thanks to Coleen, one of our live callers who suggested that fear can give us warning of what is to come and spark preparedness. It can also prompt us to look to alternate sources of power when something we trusted in before begins failing. God is the source of power that is ever-faithful.

“Fear is a signal to notice, not to avoid” Thanks Felicia for those wise words.

FEAR is the beginning of all possibilities and LOVE is the power that motivates us to see past it.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Love Beyond Fear

  • I am aware
  • I give myself freedom to act according to my highest self
  • I am all powerful with God as my advocate, my commander
  • I love myself enough to take action in the face of fear
  • I love those I serve enough to act on my inspired shortcut
  • I see the possibilities and I choose according to the most positive outcome imaginable
  • I am positive that I am bigger than my fear

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