“Gratitude for Repenting” 11.19.19

I am grateful first that I have the chance to repent. I am grateful to my Savior who gave me the option by finishing His mission and making atonement for me.

I know that He provided this opportunity for all who will ever live on Earth. But I also know there is a condition attached…that we choose to repent and offer our mistakes to Him for cleansing.

I have to make the choice.

In Genesis 6:6, it says: “And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. “

There are probably lots of interpretations on this scripture. I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever. And I don’t believe He makes mistakes. I don’t personally believe He messed up and had to start over.

If repent means turning away from, perhaps his creations had turned so far away from His original intent, that He was forced to start again. I think of a parent whose child has gone so far astray from the family beliefs that they are forced to disown them and turn them out of their home. The grief that parent must feel, yet everything has been done to no avail.

Felicia, on our call mentioned that she has identified times when she feels fierce anger. One such time is when a leader is making choices that are out of alignment with what she believes a leader should be.

At those times when I am saying, “he should” or “they should”, it is based on my way of thinking. It may or may not be right. It is my belief. At times as these, it’s good to look within and see if I am truly righteous, or if I am rather self-righteous and in God’s area of expertise where I don’t belong.

Perhaps in those time, I can say “I should”.

Throughout scriptural history, prophets and individuals have made covenants with God. I am responsible for my part and God is responsible for His. We can always trust that He will uphold His side. And we always know where to find Him if we let down our part.

If we ask, wait and listen long enough, we will know what we need to change. The choice, in that moment, to follow through and embrace the healing power of change, results in a burden lifted, a life changed for the better, a new start, a friend gained.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Believe I Can Change

  • I align with faith
  • I have faith and confidence in the Lord
  • I am confident in myself
  • I move forward with faith
  • I am grateful I am free to easily live in faith
  • I ask, listen and adjust my course
  • I am certain of my ability to change
  • I know that change and growth are constant
  • I welcome consistent growth
  • I am grateful that I have been given the power to choose

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