“Gratitude for Reminiscing – Final Daily Gratitude Call Episode” 4.2.2021

This call started because of people looking for a place to find safety. The Daily Gratitude Call has helped people not only find safety, but to achieve the highest point on the hierarchy of needs-self actualization. The Daily Gratitude Call has evolved, because the people have evolved. Yes, people can find safety here, but those who tend to come regularly to The Daily Gratitude Call are really seeking success.

If The Daily Gratitude Call were to continue as is, it would become a crutch. It exists, so nothing new needs to be created. You all have the ability and it is time for you to fly the nest and take your genius to the world!

Three weeks ago, I received an Inspired Shortcut in my Daily GPS…

Stop The Gratitude Call

It was a little surprising, but I immediately felt at peace about it. I didn’t make an announcement immediately, because I had a retreat coming up, and I had already planned to do the audio of my new book, Gateways to God for the Gratitude Call during those days. I planned to make the announcement when I returned from the retreat.

God brings all things together for everyone’s good. Everything I do is for the glory of God. When He calls it back it is time to give it back. Some call The Daily Gratitude Call ‘my baby’, and in some ways, yes, it was. But just as our children belong to God, the Gratitude Call was never really mine. He inspired me to start it, He guided the participants to come and contribute, and He changed our hearts through it.

It was never meant that I be the only one to spread gratitude throughout the world. We each have that responsibility.

The Breakthrough with Gratitude facebook group is how we will keep the community connected and our gratitude practice in place. It is where we will share till the next thing is created. I’ll announce what’s next as it is created there, so stay tuned!

The Daily Gratitude Call has come full circle. It began as a place to find safety for those who are lost and need rescue. It is still that. There are over 640 episodes you can continue to listen to and share! But you have evolved. You no longer seek safety, you seek creating a place for others to find safety in you.

Today I give myself permission to leap forward to success 

  • I trust it is perfect
  • I am perfect
  • I am enough
  • I am everything I need to be today
  • I am present with who I am today
  • Helping myself is helping others
  • I am living a life of easy movement
  • I am cleansing my mind today
  • What I create with Christ is perfect
  • I am now creating my own version of The Daily Gratitude Call, to serve others!
  • I create value with Christ
  • Gratitude in the morning is safety to success
  • I am involved
  • Opportunities await when space is created
  • I am ready to create something of my own

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