“Gratitude for Relationships of All Kinds” 10.28.2020

Since my heart attack I have noticed that it’s easier to claim having best friends because I have started letting people in by trusting. There are more people I feel I can trust implicitly because I believe and know that I am inherently safe. I am grateful my heart is open to receive.

Relationship are often seemingly random connections that bless our lives. I get to be heard and share the deep thoughts of my soul.

I have the wholeness in myself to see the wholeness and greatness in others. I celebrate me and celebrate the success of all around me. Everything I create in me is part of the whole.

Today I give myself permission to TRUST

  • My heart is open to receive
  • Blessings come into my life as the right relationships
  • I have deep, fulfilling relationships in my life
  • I am whole and I am one
  • I let in those that add to my wholeness and expansion
  • We see at each other as the prize
  • I am the prize
  • I listen to understand and see
  • I am a safe place and relationship
  • I am motivated by love
  • I am the hero/ heroine of my story
  • I am one and unified with all others
  • I am opening and receiving in a grander way
  • My power of influence is grand and expanding

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