“Gratitude for Prophetic Guidance” 5.19.2020

Repentance and faith in Jesus Christ have been taught by every prophet. How do I call people to repentance? Seeing what is out of alignment is a call to correction and repentance. And it is absolutely necessary that Christ is there to make up the difference.

Fear comes from Satan and usually a partial understanding. As we push through the initial fear we can receive peace as we carry through to the promises of prophets.

There is immortality not only in the life after, but as well in the legacy we leave behind. Are you following your divine calling and purpose? We can secure our own immortality because of our influence and memory that lives beyond our years.

Today I give myself permission to push through fear to the promises

  • I am a divine man/ woman of God
  • I am stepping into my full influence and capacity
  • I am enough to change the world
  • I am taking action on the perfect step today
  • I am embracing the power of my influence
  • I am receiving everything and everyone to assist me on my journey
  • I am immortal as I influence beyond my mortal years

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