“Gratitude For Personal Revelation” 2.5.2020

I had personal revelation about some issues I am currently focusing on. The thing that feels really light and true, is that I don’t have to know it all.

I trust God, and I can simply be. I will receive what I need in the moment.

I received a simple shortcut today. That’s all that’s needed today. I can let the rest go. Some might think in my current situation, that I would be irresponsible to let the rest go.

However, I asked the question, what is mine? Holding onto what’s not mine, would be feudal and create frustration.

We can receive revelation through repeating something many times. Sometimes, we aren’t ready to receive certain inspiration. Everything happens at the perfect time.

There are many ways God speaks to us. As we are open and neutral, we will receive whatever and however He is communicating.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Be Neutral and Listen

  • I am free and grow and move forward at the perfect pace
  • I am where I want and need to be
  • I am doing all that is necessary
  • I fulfill my part and let go of everything else
  • I am living in peace and calm
  • I have been prepared
  • I am preparing others to receive
  • I use what I’ve got

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