“Gratitude for Patience in Gestation” 9.12.19

It takes time for physical changes to be seen. I can start eating healthy today, but I may not see results for several weeks.

A caterpillar seems in no rush to become a butterfly, yet we assume he feels a desperate desire to build a cocoon. His whole caterpillar life stage is consumed with preparing for that day when he steps into the dormant stage of doing nothing but allowing nature to transform him.

We have an internal drive, not unlike a caterpillar. We have the desire, but we also have choice. We do, I believe, have an internal knowing, that feels similar to instinct, to be the best we can be. Fear sometimes can even be a motivator to keep moving forward. In the end, though, those who actually get their freedom to fly are those who choose to go through the stages of transformation.

Keeping ourselves in a peak state – body, mind, spirit, emotions, etc can help us get through those stages more easily.

In the scriptures, Christ taught the people and then invited them to go home and ponder, and share what they had learned with their families. Each day, we have the opportunity to be taught, then take action on what we have learned. New concepts stay with us longer when we discuss them with others and then take action.

ALL of the content I create – videos, this blog, posts on social media, etc. – is from this very concept of receiving during my Daily GPS, pondering, sharing with others and then making it really by doing something about it. Making a change in my life based on what I learned.

Results don’t usually happen immediately. There is a learning and gestation stage. If we stand over a pot waiting for it to boil, it seems like forever! There is always something we can be doing while we are waiting for our goals to gain traction.

Keep going and have fun while you allow the natural process to take effect, and soon you will see the physical manifestation of the things you were inspired to do during those moments of waiting.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to DO while I Am Patiently Waiting

  • I am fully committed
  • I am locking in my commitment by doing what I can right now
  • I am preparing by doing what I am inspired to do
  • I am seeing the beauty of my creation as it unfolds
  • I am in the perfect stage of development
  • I am ready to run forward in an inspired moment
  • I am keeping myself in top position at all times
  • I am always ready to go when and inspired shortcut presents itself

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