“Gratitude for Passionate Listening” 9.16.19

There is passive listening and there is passionate listening. One is inactive, one is active.

I was listening to a friend yesterday and heard some common threads underneath her words. I was inspired to slip her a note of encouragement.

Passionate, versus passive listening is deliberately asking with the intention that you truly want to help, but at the same time be ok with not knowing what to do and doing nothing if that is what intuition tells you to do.

This type of listening prompts us to ask with a fervent desire to learn and understand…only.

Have you ever tried to listen with your whole heart and your senses too? You might think that just letting someone vent without saying anything would be passive. But really, it takes all our human self-control not to try to fix it or to get sucked into the story to the point where we blow it out of proportion, magnifying the problem.

Passionate listening moves us to action, and at the same time begs us to just sit and quietly connect.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Hear Beyond The Words

  • I am confident
  • I am clear
  • I am open
  • I listen with compassion
  • I feel others and step into a neutral space for them
  • I am passionate about serving others in the way that is best for them
  • I listen with intention
  • I open my heart and senses to know what is truly needed
  • I step out of my own agenda and into the faith of knowing
  • I am passionate about serving as I am moved by compassion

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