“Gratitude for Passage of Time” 11.29.19

Today’s gratitude focus brought some interesting thoughts to mind. Passage had two meanings for me –

  • Passing By
  • Passing Through

As time passes by and we give time to study and experience, we gain a rite of passage to move through to a new level of thinking and being.

A quantum leap is like a passage or portal to a new dimension, where time is expanded. We can be living side by side with our Earthly brothers and sisters, yet seeing the world through a different lens. Time expands in a sense because we are more deliberate in what we give our time to.

Life is a passage from a pre-mortal spirit realm to an eternal existence. I envision a tunnel (representing the finite physical Earth life) and the wide expanse that exists on both ends of the tunnel.

Within the tunnel is where time exists. Beyond it in either direction is infinite eternity. We could call the tunnel (or passage-way) “The Passage of Time” because it is the only place where time exists in our awareness.

We move through the Passage of Time as efficiently and effectively as we choose. We all have felt time dragging on when we are doing something we dislike. Whereas, when we are doing something fun, it seems that time flies!

Not to wish our lives away, but we all have goals and dreams that we wish to come to fruition quickly. So it seems, in the passage of time, by looking at each event as positive, exciting and fun, we can move through the tunnel more quickly.

Continuous awareness and the deliberate choice to maintain positivity, help us hold focus all the way through. Remember to turn up the heat when the outcome seems darkest, until you emerge victorious!

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Turbo Charge!

  • My life is on purpose
  • I do what is important, NOW!
  • I am present
  • I am prepared
  • I am ready to move!
  • I am happy with what is and ready for change
  • I hold focus to completion
  • I am noble and great

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