“Gratitude for Our Earthly Home” 11.25.19

I live in Utah County which used to be in pre-historic times, a lake bed. Lake Bonneville shoreline can still be seen around the mountains that surround my home. We call it in Mapleton, “The Bench”, because it is a slight leveling out on the side of the mountain and then it drops into the valley where I live.

The soil in my area is extremely rich. My city has grown substantially in population and residential areas are more prevalent since I moved her 45 years ago, but it used to be a farming community. My husband and I still grow a small garden and have a few fruit trees, and we feel very blessed to have fertile soil with no rocks to contend with.

God has provided all things necessary for food and sustenance aplenty!

Michael, on our call today, shared his belief that we chose our circumstances before we came to Earth. I don’t know if we chose them, or if they were selected for us as the best way for us to have our most rich and full experience on earth. But I do believe there must have been a plan, that nothing is random and that as such, no one is a victim of his/her circumstances. In fact, by believing that there was a plan, we can more easily find gratitude for it all.

Coleen on our call today talked of a song the children in her church congregation sang “I Will Be What I Believe” by Blake Gillette The references in the song are from the Book of Mormon which is a book of testifying of Christ, that is accepted as scripture among those who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It has a powerful message of standing firm in what we know and having the courage to align our actions with what we claim to believe.

Her reference to the song tied in with an analogy of crabgrass that comes without us planting it. We do have the choice of the thoughts and beliefs we plant, and just like crabgrass, limiting thoughts come without our asking them to.

Jesus and our Heavenly Father have told us over and over that they are there for us and all we need to do is knock, seek, ask. Satan and his minions come unbidden.

The key to staying in a space of gratitude is to identify when darkness has entered by recognizing low vibration emotions, then choosing to rip them out by the roots by doing the Permission Process.

We are at home on Earth, wherever we are. As Mary mentioned this morning on the call, we have friends and family wherever we go. As I have traveled to countries far and wide, I can honestly say I left a piece of me there with new dear friends.

We also have a home in heaven, We are in a sense, visiting Earth and having an experience here that we can call home about every day as we connect in Gratitude, Prayer and Scripture (Daily GPS).

I heard a quote yesterday, that certainly applies: “to Live with Gratitude Ever in Our Hearts is to Touch Heaven” -Thomas S. Monson

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Feel “At Home” in My Circumstances

  • I live in gratitude every day
  • I am eternally grateful for my body, my earthly circumstance and my ability to shape them
  • I am perfectly capable
  • I give time to perfecting all parts of me and my world
  • I am expanding my earthly experience in exactly the right ways
  • I am grateful I am living in possibility
  • I am seeing the positive outcome

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