“Gratitude for Opening Up” 12.2.19

Today’s inspired thoughts brought a myriad of dichotomies.

  • For a store to open up, it had to be closed first (shut down to open up)
  • An exciting re-opening comes after the demolition and remodeling of a building (destruction before creation)
  • A surgeon opens a person up, and removes a diseased portion of the body so the body can be whole. (taking something out to fill it up)
  • To achieve success, we have to open up to failure
  • I have to be open to learn, before I can teach
  • Etc, etc…

I loved the visual that Phil, on our call this morning painted as he talked about opening up a box. I know when I open a boxed gift, it is so exciting to find out what is inside!

In our family, we recycle gift boxes and sometimes the label that is on the outside of the box is not what is inside. You have to open the gift all the way and take the item out to really see the truth of the gift.

It is the same with people. We think we know what is inside based on what we see on the outside, but we really don’t know until we take the time to open up.

Even I don’t know fully what I am made of until I open up to seeing myself. It takes courage to look deeper and trust to believe that what I see is real…more real that the surface I had thought was the real me.

Mary, one of our live callers shared how she opened up to her sister, after decades of holding thoughts in. Opening up in love draws people closer. Trust is built in the safe space of sharing confidences where secrets existed before.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Open Up to Possibilities

  • I am great
  • I am aware of my greatness
  • I am capable
  • I am opening up to possibilities
  • I love me
  • I am excited for what I get to create
  • I am getting to know me
  • I am certain that I am created for greatness
  • I am open to letting others see the real me

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