“Gratitude For Open Conduits” 3.24.2020

Do you remember Gilligan’s Island? There was an episode where a group of people were stranded on an island, and there was a huge fiber optic conduit that washed up onto the beach. It washed up and the professor was able to connect with the mainland. There was an operator they were able to talk with through these cables.

There was great excitement because they finally had connection to other people. They finally had a way to get rescued. The operator said, why do I get all the nuts? And then she disconnected, she didn’t believe they were being sincere.

Many times, when we are asking for information, we may feel the inspiration we receive is crazy. We begin to question it. However, it’s important to question our doubts, rather than question inspiration.

Sometimes the flow of communication is blocked because of scars we still hold onto from past experiences. We can allow ourselves to breath and let go. As we seek with sincerity, we always receive what is needed. The connection between us and God is always there.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Allow Open Communication Between Deity and Myself

  • I breath easily
  • I am trusting my path unfolding before me
  • I am seeking in sincerity
  • I maintain an open connection
  • I create strong energetic connections with those on my path
  • I consistently create open communication between me and God
  • I receive all necessary inspiration and take action
  • I am open and full of light

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