“Gratitude for New Life” 3.18.2021

Peter walked on water because he had faith. There are ways for us to walk on water the easy way. Focus on the right things. Give up control and we just need to do our part and be along for the ride. Even if I don’t plant seeds nurseries have plants.

Easter is the ultimate new life. The resurrection of the spirit and body coming back together. We are building a structure God can breathe life into. Every time we repent we get new life as Krystal pointed out.

Every one of us has a wilderness we need to cross. Joseph had opportunities to step up even after being in prison. He didn’t change who he was. He was second in command wherever he went. We can be cheerful in trials, work, or wilderness.

Today I give myself permission to step into my true identity 

  • I am creating things anew
  • I have discovered my true identity
  • My spirit and my body are bonded together as one
  • I am so brightly ascending to glory
  • My earth life is aligned with my eternal life
  • I flourish in every aspect moving forward
  • People flow to me and hear my voice and message clearly
  • My body is capable of this perfect version right now
  • I am following my divine blueprint in body and spirit

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