“Gratitude For Muscle Memory” 2.4.2020

Over the last couple days, I have had great experiences with clients. I have had the opportunity to see their spirits, who they are authentically.

Going back to before earth, remembering who we were prior to this life reinforces a confidence that I don’t have words to explain. When we are fully in alignment with who we really are, there comes a confidence that is not shaken by anything.

Prior to this earth, we knew how everything worked together perfectly. Here on earth, we have so many external influences. These influences can make us start doubting.

Muscle memory today, for me means, remembering who we were before coming to earth. Even if we don’t have conscious memory, when we feel it, have the knowledge opened up to us, it feels so good!

Muscle memory can come through habits or training that cause certain reactions. We can train our bodies to act in a certain way and we always can ask for divine assistance in expanding our current abilities.

Today, I Give Myself Permission To Know Who I am Authentically

  • I can do anything!
  • I strengthen and expand my muscles to their perfect form
  • My physical body naturally aligns with my spirit
  • I freely move and express myself authentically
  • I use my muscle memory to become my highest self
  • I know
  • I am deliberate and intentional in all my actions
  • I easily become my highest, authentic self

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