“Gratitude for Honest Evaluations” 10.27.2020

I had someone ask for feedback, but I’d been hesitating giving this person feedback. Once I spoke it out loud I realized there was only one small correction and the rest were positive. Honest is all encompassing.

The Mirror concept is when you are triggered by something in someone else there is always something within ourselves. Triggers can be really great teachers.

99% of the time we are taking control, it is really just taking the reins back from God. If we feel we need to take control, it means we think things are out of control. Just that belief that things are out of control tells us we are not in faith and not trusting God’s timing. SO…we don’t have all the information. I can orchestrate my part. And then trust that God’s got the rest.

We did an exercise at a retreat where we looked at the inner critic, then we looked at the compassionate person within us. for me, the compassionate person was so much more powerful.

Daily GPS is a great tool to help you overrule the inner critic, and also to find faith in God’s process and see the beauty within the chaos while you are gathering information. Once you have all the information in your Daily GPS, then, and only then, take COMMAND and get things done. Take command instead of taking control.

Today I give myself permission to only listen to my compassionate inner voice

  • I am listening to the compassionate part of me
  • Christ is always compassionate
  • I have compassionate people in my life and I listen to them!
  • I receive compassion
  • I am the best steward of my life and time
  • I use time wisely
  • I do the most important things each day
  • I am love and compassion in Christ
  • I am finding all the evidence of truth
  • I am a powerful force for good
  • I give God the reins and control
  • I am happy to do my part
  • My heart and soul is fulfilled in this truth
  • I am living in flow with Christ
  • I live in God’s time

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