“Gratitude for Honest Evaluation” 11.27.19

Traditions are something almost synonymous with the holidays. We created a tradition about 20 years ago of doing a Pie Night, the night before Thanksgiving.

It is an opportunity to invite new friends into the warmth of family. And, I can enjoy pie on a day when I am not overstuffed with turkey!

Some of the traditions we started with in our family have evolved and changed. And some are tried and true.

Honest evaluation really can be applied to all areas of our lives, even long-held traditions and habits that used to serve the old you, may be out of alignment with the new you.

It’s great when we get feedback from others. Even better, when we are emotionally conscious enough to step outside of emotion and honestly evaluate if the feedback is true. The feedback may be mine, or it may be really just an opportunity for the person who is giving it to have an honest evaluation.

If we consistently get the same feedback, it may be a clue to how we are acting that is counterfeit to the highest version of ourselves.

You know that when you are at your best, you are intrinsically valuable, worthy and enough. Did you know that even when you make mistakes, that is still true about you? Our older brother, Jesus Christ’s mission on earth was centered around that truth.

Today, I Give Myself Permission to Honestly Evaluate Myself and Others Through Christ’s Eyes.

  • I enjoy honest evaluation
  • I seek honest evaluation
  • I am real
  • I am honest
  • I see only my worth and value
  • I see and honor the value within others
  • I trust Christ’s evaluation
  • I am grateful for the opinions of others
  • I choose the feedback I received, and the feedback I return to the sender

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